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KREON Technologies release new 3D scanner, the Zephyr III

KREON Technologies, a French manufacturer of metrology equipment, has released its latest high-end 3D scanner, the Zephyr III.

With a 150mm laser line, the Zephyr III scans complex parts efficiently and is unhindered by previously difficult black or glossy surfaces.

The Zephyr III. Photo via KREON Technologies.
The Zephyr III. Photo via KREON Technologies.

The Zephyr III

Debuting at the Control Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany earlier this month, the Zephyr III completes the current KREON Zephyr range of 3D scanners optimized for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). CMMs measure the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe.

The Zephyr III is able to scan extremely intricate parts at a high acquisition speed of 600,000 pts/sec. The 3D scanner’s broad laser line will be a unique feature on CMMs to increase productivity with large parts. In particular, the Zephyr III is to be used for inspection automation due to its great freedom of movement.

With the ability to attach a probe directly underneath the 3D scanner, the Zephyr III can scan and probe simultaneously in the same measuring range. As well as CMMs, it can interface with optical trackers, machine tools, robots, and KREON measuring arms.

The Zephyr III. Photo via KREON Technologies.
The Zephyr III attached on the KREON measuring arm. Photo via KREON Technologies.

Technical Specifications

KREON Technologies has over 25 years of experience in industrial metrology. As a result of the company’s knowledge, the Zephyr III reportedly scans parts in record time without impacting the precision of the mesh or point cloud obtained. The following shows the 3D scanners technical specifications:

                                            Technical specifications
Max scanning speed 600.000 pts/sec
Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) 14 µm
Maximum Laser Line Width 150 mm
Maximum Frequency 300 Hz
Laser Line Color Blue 2M
Line Resolution 50 µm
Stand-off Distance 85 mm
Field of View 110 mm
Temperature Compensation Yes

The Zephyr III will be available for delivery from mid-September onwards.

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Featured image shows the Zephyr III. Photo via KREON Technologies