3D Scanners

Record-breaking Ace Skyline scanning arm is launched by Kreon


Kreon, a industry-leading company specialising in advanced technologies and manufacturing systems, recently revealed their latest top-of-the-line scanning arm, catchily named Ace, which compliments their 3D Skyline scanner. The Ace Skyline and its integrated scanner was first revealed to the industry at the Control Stuttgart trade show at the end of April, and is born from an amalgamation of Kreon’s 25 years of working knowledge in advanced manufacturing.

Integrating a wide laser line with high resolution and accuracy, the high-performing Skyline is the fastest scanner in the market, being capable of sustaining a 600.000 2points per second scanning speed. This record-breaking rate is largely due to the wide scope of the laser beam, which can be set to up to 200mm and therefore decreases the frequency of scan passes.

While the entire digitizing and scanning process is a lot faster, the powerful scanner is able to retain its meticulous accuracy.  Armed with a high definition camera and a 2.000 points laser line, the Skyline scanner is capable of producing a high resolution point cloud, sustaining high resolution and accuracy that can produce the trickiest and miniscule details of the most complex parts, even when working at high speeds.

The speedy accuracy of the technology isn’t the only ace up Kreon’s sleeve. In a press release published on May 19th, Kreon detailed all the bells and whistles to the scanner and its cutting edge scanning arm, stating, “Due to its integrated battery and temperature compensation, Ace Skyline is the perfect portable CMM to scan in metrological lab, workshop or outside as well.”

“The Ace arm new version, whose ergonomics have been upgraded (new “push and pull” handle, and new transportation handle), also ensures ease of use and secure use.”

Weighing under 400g, the lightweight scanner is compact and user friendly, and has a reduced stand-off distance. Ace Skyline is compatible with most third party programmes, and can be used for 3D inspection, CAD comparison, reverse engineering or rapid prototyping, according to Kreon.

Boasting a maximum frequency of 300 lines per second and 15 µm accuracy, this scanner is equipped to deal with the toughest challenges thrown at 3D printing. A blue laser scanner is able to digitize shiny or reflective parts, and is able to calculate contact and non-contact measurements with an integrated probe. An LED indicate is a visual aid, and is able to instantly visualize the optimum scanning distance, and the new Ace scanning arm allows a large working volume from 2m and up to 4.5m.

For any manufacturing whizz kids who want more juicy details of the Ace Skyline’s capabilities, the full specification and technological breakdown is available on the dedicated website.