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Korea 3D printing experience at Formnext

This year at Formnext there was a pavilion dedicated solely to Korean 3D printing companies. The area showcased the latest technologies coming out of South Korea and they caused quite a stir. The very fact they had a whole area for themselves just shows the development in 3D printing in the country.

A.Team Ventures FFF printer

One such company featured at the event were A.Team Ventures. They spoke about the importance of exposure for a Korean company like their own in order to grow in a busying global community. The market for desktop 3D printing is strong in Korea and it is growing, especially with the likes of A.Team Ventures and they were showing off their ‘Creatable D3’ FFF printer. This printer being popular with beginners as well as professionals and educators.

Joseph Choi, community manager at A.Team Ventures, spoke about how they are trying to cater to those who wish to modify and interchange the head design of their 3D printer. He said that in order to allow for users to interact with new and different materials being able to modify the head of the printer is beneficial. In addition to their current printer, Choi explained that they are also looking to develop a 3D printer remote controller.

A.Team Ventures. Image via
Joseph Choi from A.Team Ventures. Image via TCT Magazine.

Cure M vat polymerization 

A second company in the booth is Cure M who were demonstrating their latest UV curing systems.

Cure M's models. Image via...
Cure M’s machines on display. Image via TCT Magazine

Carima partner with HP

Carima announced a newly formed partnership with Belgian 3D printing company Materialise, the software company who have also added the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to their additive manufacturing factory. Carima will add Materlise’s Magics Print software Digital Light Processing printer bundle. As well as this, Carima attracted interest in their DM250 printer which attempts to be the world’s fastest 3D printer.

Carima and Materialise create partnership. Image via Youtube
Carima and Materialise create partnership. Image via TCT Magazine

Stefaan Motte, Vice president of Software at Materialise said:

We are happy to actively work with machine manufacturers like Carima to enable the user of their machines to get the most out of 3D printing technology. By bundling part of our open and neutral software backbone with their machines, we combine each other’s strength and expertise

Former’s Farm

Former’s Farm exhibited their Fused Deposition Modeling printer called ‘OLMO’. The printer specializing in small quality precision prints.

Former's Farm unveiled OLMO. Image via TCT Magazine
Former’s Farm, OLMO. Image via TCT Magazine


Other Korean 3D printing companies at the show included Intelli Korea and InssTek. InssTek were displaying a small Direct Metal Tooling machine while Intelli were more focused upon their software developments. Find out what else was unveiled at Formnext in 3DPI’s wrap up and also a summary of some of the new printers on show at the event.

Featured image from TCT Magazine.