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Stealth Black Friday with Atom 2.5 EX

Taiwan’s Layer One are bringing their latest 3D printer to the market after a successful 2016 that has seen the company gain exposure with major U.S. automotive brand Chrysler.

The Atom 2.5 EX is a, “fully-integrated desktop 3D printer with dual extrusion from 2-in-1 nozzle,” explains the company.

Advertising agencies are increasingly turning to 3D printing as a novel way to present ideas. Recently we have seen the technology in use by UK grocer, Sainsbury’s and also featuring heavily in the title sequence for U.S. sci-fi show ‘Westworld.’

3D prints from the Atom 2.5 EX. Photo via Layer One.
3D prints from the Atom 2.5 EX. Photo via Layer One.

A Layer One 3D printer was selected by Hollywood production house Visual Creatures, to feature in a TV spot marking the 90th anniversary of the iconic automotive brand. Explaining the choice of the Atom 3D printer Ryan McNeely, a partner and creative director at Visual Creatures said,

We needed a sleek printer that photographed on a seemingly epic scale. We searched online for hours through hundreds of machines and were thrilled when we found the Atom. It’s the best looking machine out there. The choice was simple.

Speaking about the launch of the Atom 2.5 EX Layer One explain that as a, “leading manufacturer of high-end, desktop delta 3D printers. Their flagship model, the Atom, combines industrial-grade precision and durability in a sleek, beautiful package.”

3D print with Atom 2.5 EX. Photo via Layer One.
3D print with Atom 2.5 EX. Photo via Layer One.

The company say their latest, “3D printer that brings all of the benefits of dual extrusion and none of the drawbacks.” Continuing a spokesperson adds,

The Atom 2.5 EX is the first desktop 3D printer to feature a 2-in-1 dual extruder, single-nozzle design that allows the use of dedicated, dissolvable supporting material or two-color printing. No manual leveling, no oozing, no scraping, no fuss. Just clean, accurate prints from the ultra-rigged Atom system you know and love, with some excellent improvements including Omron optical limit switches on all axes, an all-Japanese drive system, a quick-release heated glass build plate, and an all-new hotend design lined with thicker PTFE tubing.

The Atom 2.5 EX is available to buy here at a special Black Friday price, and readers can see how Chrysler used a Layer One 3D printer to celebrate their 90th anniversary here.