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KIDE – 3D Printing Workshops for Kids

KIDE is an educational project founded by Dejan Mitrovic in the UK in 2009 with an emphasis on 3D printing. The key premise behind the project is to apply the natural creative instincts of primary/elementary school children to design and produce imaginative objects and allow them to develop abstract ideas  — giving them the tools to bring those creations to life via 3D printing tech. And Dejan doesn’t just throw  a couple of 3D printers into a class room and be done with it: the project is designed to give the children a fundamental and comprehensive experience of the think-create-use paradigm. KIDE brings together numerous elements, including dedicated software, some pre-loaded games as well as the 3D Printer itself, which enables production.

The idea is a great one – particularly from a pedagogical point of view, as the project not only provides children with the tools to communicate their intrinsic ideas in 3D but also instills familiarity with computers and 3D technology as routine from an early age.

These sessions will generate a wealth of information if observed by educational and professional agencies  — because children approach these technologies with a natural ‘no holds barred’ / nothing is impossible type of mindset, which is one of the most sought after approaches in every creative business today.  Maybe we will see a brand extension of this sort for KIDE in the future — I certainly hope so — but for now, the main benefit of this inspirational project can not be emphasised strongly enough.

Based on this I would dare to make a claim that if more regions, countries and whole continents take the possibilities of 3D printing and introduce it as a part of their curriculums, we will see some amazing creative tinkerers, makers, designers and engineers flourishing within a couple of generations. These are the kids that are bound to change the world more than could be ever imagined by a grown-up (read, narrow) mind in the years to come.

For a more visual brief of this fascinating project watch the (silent) slideshow/video of the project below. Or visit the KIDE website via the source link.

Source: KIDE

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