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Iran calls for domestic companies to help rebuild historic monuments

In some inspiring news, Iran has recently announced that its advanced manufacturing and material technologies development headquarters is planning to restore and create exact replicas of some of the country’s most historic monuments. In partnership with the National Museum and the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, they plan to implement 3D printing and scanning technologies to recreate these important relics.

Persepolis Iran
Persepolis, Iran by Johannes Zielcke

Destruction doesn’t have to last forever

As the Middle East currently stands as one of the many sites of unfortunate destruction and political instability in the world, one Iranian-American artist has already tasked herself with rebuilding what ISIS has destroyed by using 3D technologies. In the same vein, Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization continuously works to preserve and protect the country’s antiquities through projects like this one.

The project is still in its early stages so it has not yet been specified which monuments will see restoration. The advanced manufacturing and material technologies development headquarters has revealed, however, that selected works will be restored through a process that involves:

  • photogrammetry scanning
  • making a 3D computer model
  • 3D printing the selected pieces from computer models
  • final procession if necessary after printing

Everyone can be involved

Headquarters have also invited domestic companies to join the project and directly participate in the historic restoration. Willing companies would be welcome to aid the processes in any capacity, making the project a truly country-wide effort and all the more noteworthy. Moving forward, final scales for printed pieces and the technology that will be used is to be determined by the project managers.

Amidst all the world’s turmoil, endeavors like these continue to shine a light on the perseverance that humanity is capable of thanks to advanced technologies and its innovative applications. Be sure to stayed tuned with 3D Printing Industry for any further developments and announcements!

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