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The Veronica Scanner: Propelling Photogrammetry into the 21st Century

This autumn from 2-11 September the Royal Academy of Arts will be housing an exciting new 3D head scanner, the Veronica Scanner. Named from the Latin word vera meaning “true” and the Greek work eikōn meaning icon and image, the Veronica Scanner is an innovative piece of technology used to produce high resolution photos in stunning detail that can be processed into digital 3D models, rivaled by only the complex details on one’s own face. The Veronica Scanner is a project by Factum Foundation – whose workshop in Madrid built the scanner – and is supported by a curated exploration of 3D photography through the ages.


Scan and print your face

The Veronica Scanner works by using eight cameras to quickly capture 96 simultaneous photos of one’s head from all angles, in order to create a highly detailed map of the face. Sponsored by multiple industry leaders from multiple sectors including iMakrMy Mini Factory and Autodesk, the upcoming project will give those who wish to participate an opportunity to scan their own faces, which will then be converted into high quality digital portraits. The portraits will then be uploaded to an online public gallery and participants will have access to their own photos once scanning and processing is complete. Visitors to the exhibition can also watch the photos as they are converted into 3D images in real time.

Special prizes

Additionally, a random participant will be selected each day of the installment to have their digital portrait carved into a wooden bust by a skilled robot on loan from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. Using 3D printers and technology from sponsors, lucky participants will also receive 3D printed busts, which they can watch being made in real time.

The Veronica scanner will be available for free public viewing during the installation, however, those who wish to be scanned will have to purchase tickets starting at £16.50. Tickets and individual time slots must be booked in advanced, and participants must be at least 18 years of age. For more information including T&Cs and ticket purchasing, please visit the Royal Academy of Arts website.