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Instructables & 3D Hubs Are Giving Away 13 Different 3D Printers

Want to win a 3D printer or $2,000 in 3D printing credit? Instructables and 3D Hubs have teamed up for a massive 3D printing contest and they’re giving away a total of 13 different 3D printers and $2k in credit to use on the 3D Hubs 3D printer network.

instructables and 3D hubs 3D printing contest

Instructables is an immensely popular site for sharing DIY projects and, as such, is a perfect partner for 3D Hubs, the largest network of 3D printers around the world.  So, it would make sense that, for projects involving 3D printing, there would be an easy way for Makers to have digital files 3D printed via the 3D Hubs community.  Now, with the integration of a new 3D Hubs button, Instructables users can 3D print files on one of the over 14k 3D printers across the 3D Hubs network.  To celebrate this new functionality, the two partners are hosting a 3D printing contest to encourage use of the tech even more in the Instructables’ community.


This contest is broad, both in terms of prizes and guidelines.  To enter, all you have to do is publish an Instructables project that involves 3D printing. As Instructables puts it: “Share your 3D models, projects with 3D printed parts, homemade 3D printers, and anything else your 3D printing-loving brain comes up with in the 3D Printing Contest.” As prizes for the winners, 3D Hubs and Instructables are giving away 13 different printers, as determined the 3D Hubs community: BeeTheFirst, Kossel Mini, Lulzbot Taz 5, Lulzbot Mini, MakerGear M2, 3x Rostock Max, Sharebot Mini, Ultimaker 2, and UP Mini, UP Plus 2 and UP Box. And, as previously stated, they’re also giving away $2,000.  And, even if you don’t win, all entrants are getting $10-off any order placed on 3D Hubs (I could have used that four months ago!).

You’ve got 82 days left to enter and there are already two entries to beat, so get crackin’! Head over to the contest page for more info here.