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Industrial Supplies launches Smart3D Macro 3D printer series – technical specifications and pricing

Industrial Supplies, of the Smart International Group, has launched its new Smart3D Macro series of 3D printers.

The industrial-grade dual-extrusion FDM systems are characterized by their large build volumes and extensive material capabilities, making them “real manufacturing engines”. The company has offered two distinct variants: the Prototyping Unit and the Production Module. The former is fit for product development in office spaces and research laboratories while the latter is intended for low volume manufacturing on the shop floor.

Roberto Gawanski, CEO of Industry Supplies, states: “The global manufacturing industry is a $12T opportunity for disruption, and 3D printing is widely considered the technology that is primed to do that. With the Smart3D Macro we aim at beginning to unlock its true potential. With the impact of the current pandemic in their established supply chain, many companies are looking for local, in-house or on-demand production alternatives. We’re proud to bring to the market this cutting-edge manufacturing solution.”

The Smart3D Macro Prototyping Unit. Photo via Industrial Supplies.
The Smart3D Macro Prototyping Unit. Photo via Industrial Supplies.

Industrial 3D printing with Smart3D

Industrial Supplies prides itself on its industrial 3D printing ethos with the Smart3D brand, although the company has only just debuted its first actual 3D printers. Until now, its product portfolio comprised a wide range of engineering filaments such as PA12, PAHT, PEEK, and PP. The firm also offers a Multimaterial Dryer for said filaments, one that can dry and dehumidify up to 24 spools at once in less than three hours for improved material performance.

Its sister company, Smart International (also of the Smart International Group), instead focuses on professional 3D printing. Having previously licensed the Kodak 3D Printing brand, Smart International is the counterpart to Industrial Supplies and was the designer and manufacturer behind the Kodak Portrait.

The Smart3D Macro

With two form factors, the Smart3D Macro aims to cover both phases of the product development workflow. While the Prototyping Unit is just that – a unit – the Production Module comprises four 3D printers, a dedicated computer, and the company’s previously developed Hybrid Drying Technology for dehumidified filaments.

The system features a large format build chamber measuring 350 x 350 x 400mm, which can be actively heated to 120°C. A maximum nozzle temperature of 500°C enables dual-extrusion printing with even the most difficult high-performance materials such as PEEK. A number of other considerate additions such as the automatic bed leveling, in-built camera, and HEPA filter with activated carbon make the machine that much more pleasant to operate.

On the software side of things, the company believes its customers can benefit from remote print monitoring and management with the Smart3D Cloud. Alternatively, the Smart3D LAN printer management software can be installed locally if it better suits an organization’s needs. Industrial Supplies has even gone so far as to develop a serverless neural network to securely interconnect multiple machines in production plants. This reportedly eliminates any danger of attack on any single node, meaning the network cannot be compromised and disrupted from the outside.

The Smart3D Macro Production Module. Photo via Industrial Supplies.
The Smart3D Macro Production Module. Photo via Industrial Supplies.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Smart3D Macro. Readers interested in purchasing the system can do so by contacting Industrial Supplies for a quote.

Build volume 350 x 350 x 400mm
Nozzle temperature 500°C
Chamber temperature             120°C
Print head Dual extrusion
Bed leveling Automatic
In-built camera Yes
Air filtration HEPA filter with activated carbon
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC
Smart3D dry-feeds Moisture control and advanced sensors
Display 7″ touchscreen
Weight 75kg
Printer dimensions 787 x 665 x 1047mm
Supplied software Smart3D Slicer, Smart3D Cloud, Smart3D LAN


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Featured image shows the Smart3D Macro Production Module. Photo via Industrial Supplies.