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Hugo Arcier's 3D Printed Titanium Sculptures Offer a Look Inside Two Dimensions

Observing and trying to better perceive captivating art sometimes leads to overwhelming curiosity – not only regarding the motives and aspirations of the creator, but also about the wonders that are firmly secluded in the piece and thoughts of what might be happening behind the limitations of 2 dimensions. Even though this might be the most potentially ominous date, when inanimate reflections on a canvas step into the physical world, it’s not an occurrence that is often witnessed outside of movie theaters. Luckily for the viewers, however, film is not the only form of art where something like this can actually take place.

Trying to quench this thirst of art aficionados with different form, Hugo Arcier has come up with Dogma, a multi-dimensional parallel experience for peeking behind the closed curtains. The name of the collection is an associative reference to the classic Von Trier film, as the French digital artist Arcier offers viewers a rare glimpse of what might lie inside and does this via 3D printed titanium sculptures. Dogma consists of a selection of digital prints hung on a wall, which are accompanied by a cube containing titanium micro sculptures. Those small objects also withstanding observation on their own are a representation of parts and segments of the prints in a physical, 3-dimensional form to give a better understanding of how the 2D prints are seen by the artist himself –  by projecting his vision back and forth to the observer and eventually leading to a whole new kind of art experience.

Hugo Arcier's 3D Printed titanium art

For each print, I created a sculpture representing a part of the image. These sculptures materialize the virtual by giving it volume. They also allow viewers to see these objects and characters in volume and discover them through another point of view, and see the hidden parts. The spectator will thus be able to discover objects and people in volume, and see their hidden parts. There is interplay between the images and the sculptures. 2D and 3D versions of the same scene. Both supports, printing and sculpture, have their advantages. The images make it possible to create a mise en scène, and choose between lighting and framing options. The sculpture makes it possible to create the emotion of a concrete, physical subject,”Arcier explains.

If you happen to be near Paris next month, one of these micro sculptures – alongside other works of the digital artist – are showcased at the Show Off Art Fair from 21st to 23rd October.

Source: I.Materialise blog

Image credits: Hugo Arcier