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Griffin 3D Launches Three Sizes of Delta 3D Printers on Kickstarter

St. Louis start-up Griffin 3D has launched not one, but three different models of it’s Delta style 3D printers on Kickstarter, allowing you to pick the size printer that you need, while also allowing you to buy the parts to convert it into a larger machine down the road.

By offering three models at three different price points, Griffin 3D hopes to serve multiple segments of the 3D printing community. They are calling their line the Griffin Pro Series and all three Griffin Pro models are essentially the same machines with the same specs, but at different sizes.

Griffin 3D’s funding goal is $30,000, allowing them to place a large enough order from their suppliers to make the printers affordable, but still profitable for the company. At the time of this writing, they have raised about $20,000 of their goal and have 41 days to go. It may be likely that the Kickstarter will fund at this rate, but I imagine that they may have some great stretch goals prepared, if they receive excess funding.

Take a look at their Kickstarter video:

Each 3D printer features a print speed up to 300mm/s, while the movement speed can reach up to 500mm/s. The print nozzle diameter is .4mm, with a print resolution of 20 microns. The print bed is constructed from 2mm thick Gorilla Glass, making it virtually unbreakable. The construction of the machine itself includes carbon fiber rods that weigh significantly less than other materials, making the printing action smoother and allowing for faster printing.

griffin pro trio 3d printer

The smallest of the 3D printers offered is the Griffin Mini, which costs as little as $700, for the early bird unassembled kit, and up to $900, for a fully assembled printer. The Mini is 16 inches tall and has a build envelope of 6.8 inches (170mm) in diameter and 6 inches (152.4mm) tall. The Jan Brady of the group is the Griffin Pro, which costs $850 for the kit and $1050 for an assembled version. The Pro is 23.5 inches tall and has a build envelope of 11.8 inches (300mm) in diameter and 10 inches (254mm)tall. Finally, the Griffin Pro XL is priced at $950 for the kit and $1,200 for the assembled version. The 40 inch tall printer has a build envelope of 18 inches (457mm) by 18 inches (457mm). All three models can use just about any filament material currently on the market.

Griffin 3D is also offering options to buy their parts directly via the Kickstarter. You can pledge between $30 to $80 and get individual components, like carbon fiber rods, a motorless extruder kit, a Gorilla Glass printbed and individual sized rails. Griffin 3D has said that you can easily purchase a smaller model of the printer and purchase parts and convert it into a larger version at any time. The Pro series of 3D printers is entirely open source and, once the Kickstarter has ended, all the plans will be released online.

You can visit Griffin 3D at their website, or if you’re in the market for a solid yet inexpensive 3D printer you can check out their Kickstarter and offer them your support.