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Graphene 3D Lab Begins Trading Stock on the OTCQB

Graphene-enhanced 3D printing material manufacturer Graphene 3D Lab Inc has for the last 24 hours, been trading on the development stage venture marketplace OTCQB.

Graphene 3D Lab is a 3D printing material spin out of Graphene Laboratories. The New York company is developing and manufacturing functional graphene-based nanocomposite materials and products. Graphene 3D Lab is developing graphene based materials specifically for high-tech manufacturing and 3D printing applications.

Graphene Lab 3d printing

“As a U.S. based company, trading on the OTCQB is a natural step in the growth of Graphene 3D,” said Graphene 3D Lab CEO Daniel Stolyarov. “Graphene 3D is at a pivotal stage in its development, and with the assistance of Euro Pacific Capital we look forward to increasing awareness of the company to a broader U.S. shareholder base. We believe that Euro Pacific’s ability to broaden the company’s access to both current and prospective U.S. shareholders will be key to our continued growth. We also believe that all shareholders will benefit from Euro Pacific’s access to a larger number of retail and institutional investors.”

Currently Graphene 3D Lab has two US patent applications pending for graphene-enhanced products, and they are expected continue developing uses for graphene, including 3D printable batteries, lights and sensors.

OTCQB requires a letter of introduction from a qualified Principal American Liaison to begin trading on the stock marketplace. Euro Pacific Capital, Inc wrote the letter of introduction on behalf of Graphene 3D, allowing trading to begin. Investors can find financial disclosures and real time stock quotes for Graphene 3D Labs on the OTC website.