Get a discount as Endurance Lasers put metal engraving to the test

Endurance Lasers gives makers the ability to upgrade 3D printers, CNC routers and other DIY machines with multi tool functionality. By installing a laser diode, these machines become cutting tools and engravers, capable of writing on acrylic, wood, leather and metal, maximizing workshop productivity.

The lasers can be installed on any 3D printer or CNC machine to extend capabilities.

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The 8.5W+ laser, exclusively available to order from the company’s website, is the second most powerful diode in Endurance Laser’s arsenal. Providing “infinite continuous power,” the 8.5W is capable of writing on all manner of surfaces, from stone and wood to leather and sheet metal.

In a series of Endurance experiments, we see how the 8.5W+ makes short work of matte & hard steel, and glossy & composite aluminum.

Optimal focus

For the purpose of these experiments, the 8.5W+ laser was installed on an Endurance DIY engraving/cutting machine. As with all of Endurance’s lasers, the 8.5W+ can be easily installed on a number of desktop 3D printers.

As a preliminary test, Endurance determined the optimum focal range for its G2 focal lens.

A 5 mm length piece of wood was selected as a test. At a speed of 10 mm/s the laser and lens are capable of cutting a 5 mm length in one single pass with minimal charring. It is worth noting that some engraving projects require a multiple pass of the laser. All metal experiments by the 8.5W+ below were accomplished in a single pass.

6 mm, then, is determined as the best focal range for G2 short focal lens. Verified by a simple sight test (through red or green goggles), optimum focal range is when a spot is at its minimum diameter, and achieves maximum light intensity.

Putting metal to the test

In the first experiment after the preliminary test, a rectangular plate of plain matte steel is engraved with the Endurance Laser logo. The cleanest and best result for writing the logo was a speed of 1.5 – 2.5 mm/s. At 55 mm long and 5 mm wide, the logo took 3 – 5 minutes to engrave, and was made in a single pass of the laser.

In the second experiment, the team moved to samples of anodized aluminum with both matte and shiny surfaces. The Endurance logo and a serial number were tested in this run. At a speed of 50 – 10 mm/s, a single pass of the laser takes 20-30 seconds to draw the logo.

Experiment three – the 8.5W+ laser takes two minutes (at 100 speed) to replicate the Endurance logo in a single pass on a hardened aluminum composite alloy.

And in the final trial, the laser successfully made etchings on the surface of a hard grade steel component in 20-30 seconds at a speed of 5 -10 mm/s.

Ready for an upgrade?

For any makers that want to pack an even bigger punch with their laser engraving and cutting capabilities, Endurance has a 10W laser capable of engraving stainless steel, copper and brass in a single pass.

The Endurance 8.5W+ laser is available as an upgrade for 3D printers and CNC routers for $695. It has a total lifetime of 10,000 hours, and continuous operation time of 48-72 hours.

The stronger Endurance 10W laser retails at $795. For a limited time, 3D Printing Industry readers can get 25% off Endurance’s  8W, 8.5W+ and 10W using coupon code: “3Dprintingindustry 25% discount” at checkout.

If you have any questions about Endurance Lasers then Live chat is available their web site. The CEO and founder of Endurance George I Fomitchev will be happy to answer your questions.

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