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Fusion3 releases REACTOR 3D printing software powered by Create it REAL

North Carolina-based 3D printer manufacturer Fusion3 has unveiled its new REACTOR 3D printing software for use with its line of FDM 3D printers. REACTOR is powered by Danish R&D company Create it REAL’s REALvision slicing engine.

“Fusion3 is focused on delivering affordable, high-performance 3D printers to our commercial and high-end education customers,” said Chip Royce, Fusion3 CEO. “The addition of REACTOR takes our printers’ performance to even higher levels.

“We are proud of our partnership with Create it REAL, and together will continue to develop a long-term roadmap of software features and capabilities to deliver the best end-to-end professional 3D printing experience.”

Fusion3 REACTOR 3D printing software example. Image via Fusion3.

Fusion3’s REACTOR

Fusion3’s new 3D printing software includes many of the features found in traditional 3D printing slicers in addition to several more unique offerings.

REACTOR’s easy-to-use interface guides customers through the core steps to speedily configure optimal print settings, while Power users maintain access to all the advanced features they require. Optimized for Fusion3’s 3D printers and combined with Create it REAL’s proprietary adaptive print algorithms, the REACTOR software helps to enhance print quality and performance.

The software also features ‘Modifiers’, where users can apply custom settings, such as weight, strength, and print time, to different parts of a print. Print quality can be optimized in a distinct section of a part through the software’s Variable Layer Thickness modifier. Meanwhile, a built-in certified materials list allows customers to receive online updates in real-time to Fusion3’s bank of optimized print settings, which currently covers 153 materials from more than 40 different manufacturers.

Last, but by no means least, REACTOR is equipped with online and offline activation options. For customers who operate in secure offline environments, such as government or defense sectors, Fusion3 offers a separate offline version of REACTOR which does not need an internet connection to make use of the software.

REACTOR 3D printing software 3D printer slicer interface. Image via Fusion3
REACTOR 3D printing software 3D printer slicer interface. Image via Fusion3

Fusion3 and Create it REAL’s partnership

Both companies worked closely together on the development of REACTOR, able to apply their own expertise and skillsets into the creation of the software.

“It was clear that Fusion3 cared extensively about the experience of their customers, and through the close collaboration, we were able to synthesize that customer focus into a great solution,” said Jeremie Pierre Gay, CEO at Create it REAL.

Founded in 2009, Create it REAL has previously targeted its technology towards corporate end-users and manufacturers for ad-hoc projects. IN 2013, the firm developed its RTP real-time processor to speed up FDM and SLA 3D printing, and also released a program to help prevent the 3D printing of guns. A few years later, Create it REAL launched a platform for 3D printers with a focus on IP protection, and has since successfully raised €1.3 million in a financing round led by the state-owned Danish Growth Fund.

More recently, Create it REAL has taken part in further collaborations with 3D printer manufacturers in order to foster the implementation of its processor and encryption platform for high-speed FDM printing.

Returning to the company’s latest partnership with Fusion3, REACTOR is now available to Fusion3 customers in a bundle along with the purchase of the firm’s F410 3D printer and through its online Replacement Parts Store. Free upgrades will also be offered to owners of its F400 and F410 3D printers. Fusion3 first launched its F400 3D printer back in 2016 at Inside 3D printing in New York.

Fusion3's F410 3D printer. Image via Fusion3
Fusion3’s F410 3D printer. Image via Fusion3

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Featured image shows Fusion3 REACTOR 3D printing software powered by Create it REAL. Image via Fusion3.