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Create it REAL raises $1.6 million for faster and more secure 3D printing platform

Create it REAL, a Danish R&D company behind an IP protection platform for 3D printers has announced that it has successfully raised €1.3M ($1.6 million) in a financing round, led by the state-owned Danish Growth Fund.

The funds raised will be used to further develop Create it REAL’s forthcoming 3D printing platform, and its visibility outside the 3D printing industry. “For the moment, Create it REAL needs to expand its 3D printer manufacturers portfolio to meet corporate customers’ demand in different segments,” said Create it REAL founder, Jeremie Pierre Gay.

Jeremie Pierre Gay (centre). Photo via Startupworks.

Create it REAL’s forthcoming platform

Founded by Gay in 2009, Create it REAL launched the first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing in 2013, and later released software that can prevent the 3D printing of firearms.

Its most recent innovation is a 3D printing encryption platform. By adding a Create it REAL processing chip to a 3D printer, a file can be directly decrypted and then 3D printed without the user having access to the original file.

The processor and the encryption platform have since been combined into a patent-pending platform claims to give a 3D printer a print speed up to 5 times faster than traditional FDM printers currently on the market.

Additional features of the platform include an Augmented Reality feature to preview real size projects, and a REALvision slicer supports STL and G-code files.

Create it REAL AR preview. Photo via Create it REAL.
Create it REAL AR preview. Photo via Create it REAL.

Funding Create it REAL’s innovation

With the funding round complete, and the platform developed into a high-end open source board for FFF 3D printers, Create it REAL now hopes to create strong and long-term partnerships with 3D printer manufacturers. Jeremie Pierre Gay said,

“We have requests for large printers, PEEK printers, Metal FDM printers… so we are looking for manufacturers willing to work with us on these new challenges and open new markets.”

“The strong interest we are seeing from large companies in the maritime industry looking for a secured platform confirms our approach is the right one and will appeal to other industries as well. Further solutions under development will soon make 3D printing even simpler, limiting user interaction to a few clicks,” Gay continued.

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Featured image shows the create it real security open source platform processor. Photo via CREATE it Real.