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SD3D acquires 3D Matter and Optimatter platform, expands digital manufacturing

SD3D has announced the acquisition of New York based software company 3D Matter. The purchase price is not disclosed.

When 3D Matter launched in 2015, we reported on how the startup was testing 3D printing filaments. The acquisition includes the OptiMatter web-based material optimization software platform. OptiMatter allows designers, engineers and researchers to optimize 3D printed parts by comparing materials and processing parameters.

Procedures for the mechanical tests conducted for OptiMatter material optimization software are based upon ASTM and ISO standards. The OptiMatter website gives more details of the various tensile, impact and hardness tests performed. The empirical data was compiled from mechanical testing of over 3,000 3D prints.


OptitMatter 3D printing materials testing methodology. Table via 3D Matter.
OptitMatter 3D printing materials testing methodology. Table via 3D Matter.

David Feeney, Founder and CEO of SD3D said, “The acquisition of OptiMatter is the perfect fit to continue facilitating growth of the automation ecosystem we have already developed for 3D printing.”

“SD3D is developing 3D printing standards driven through automation and OptiMatter serves a critical function in establishing those standards.”

The tests performed by OptiMatter include addressing the question of whether premium 3D printer filaments are worth the additional price. You can read more about the results here.

An extract comparing Stratasys ABSi with FormFutura ApolloX ASA using OptiMatter.
An extract comparing Stratasys ABSi with FormFutura ApolloX ASA using OptiMatter.

Expanding portfolio of automation and optimization solutions

The acquisition expands the software tools available from SD3D. These tools also include inventory management, sales automation and Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for factory automation and IoT.

The inventory management tool, Filtracker, is an Octoprint plugin that, “streamlines the typical 3D printing workflow by automatically slicing and printing STL files with the proper settings for the material that is currently loaded on the printer.”

SD3D also offers product design and CAD services, connecting end users with designers. One customer is quoted as saying, “SD3D is the perfect solution for inventors like me who want to bring a product to market. Kickstarter here I come!”

Describing their range of solutions as the “AWS of 3D printing”, SD3D are building an interesting ecosystem of 3D printing solutions designed to manage, “large-scale additive manufacturing whether your 3D print production is occurring on-site or in the cloud.”

Speaking about the acquisition, founder and former CEO of 3D Matter, Arthur Sebert, said, “OptiMatter is a very important tool for the 3D printing industry that 3D Matter created to help users understand the properties of their printed parts. I am very happy that OptiMatter is going to be integrated into SD3D’s robust offering of automation tools because OptiMatter’s data can now be connected to the rest of the 3D printing process. That’s what was missing for OptiMatter users so far.”

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Featured image shows part of the AON town project 3D printed and designed by SD3D.