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Fuel3D’s SCANIFY 3D Scanners Find Distribution in Europe

It looks like Fuel3D’s SCANIFY 3D scanner is set to take off in Eastern Europe, after the announcement of a distribution deal with UFP Deutschland GmbH, a major distributor of computer and printing supplies. The partnership was announced at the 2015 IFA Berlin trade show, a global showcase for consumer electronic innovations and products. UFP plans on expanding the sales of the SCANIFY 3D within the regions of Germany, Austria, and Benelux first, and will then focus on different parts of Europe next. UFB certainly has the resume to bring success to Fuel3D’s scanner in the European market; they have also represented major tech brands like 3D Systems, HP, Canon, Lexmark, and much more. UFB is fulfilling the recent demand for 3D consumer technologies in Europe, which they have just recently started a division specifically for, with Fuel3D being one of their first 3D printing and scanning companies to be represented by them.

fuel3d scanify scanner for 3D printing display

When Fuel3D first came about, they were mainly focused on developing 3D scanners and solutions for the medical industry, but soon translated their products into the consumer market. The SCANIFY 3D scanner ended up being one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns on the crowdfunding site, and they used this crowdfunding source to help create a convenient and consumer-friendly scanner for all to use. If you haven’t had the chance to be introduced to the SCANIFY 3D scanner, here’s the low down of its pretty incredible features. For starters, the SCANIFY 3D is a handheld point-and-shoot scanner, which can be easily transported and utilized almost anywhere. It is able to capture and create a 3D model of the selected object in high resolution color at the astonishing speed of under 0.1 seconds.

fuel3d scanify scanner for 3D printing

The SCANIFY has some very useful applications, so much so that they’ve even received investments from the CIA. Using the SCANIFY 3D scanner, you are able to personalize and 3D print the objects you capture, creating realistic models of the real world in the blink of an eye. UFB is excited to welcome Fuel3D’s products under their giant consumer electronic umbrella, and certainly see its potential for mass consumer appeal. “We are delighted to welcome Fuel3D to the UFP family, and look forward to bringing the benefits of 3D scanning to our customers across Europe,” said Joerg Reimann, 3D Director of UFP Deutschland on the new partnership with Fuel3D. “We see a strong future in the 3D printing and scanning market, and it is our goal to partner with the leading manufacturers in this space.” Whether you want to take a 3D selfie or replicate the world around you, the SCANIFY seems to be both affordable and high quality, and is likely to make a big splash in the global market.