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Formlabs & 3BFAB Partner to Distribute Form 1+ 3D Printer in Turkey

Since initial setbacks involving a infringement lawsuit by 3D Systems Corporation for the use of their SLA patent, Formlabs has overcome and expanded accessibility to their 3D printers on a global level. They have already successfully implemented their Form 1+ SLA printer into the markets China and much of Europe, and are now teaming up with 3BFAB to bring their 3D printers to Turkey.

3dprinting_fablogo33BFAB, a leading desktop 3D printer distributor in Turkey, was founded in 2013 with the goal of keeping the country up-to-date and trained with the ever-evolving industry of 3D printing. Formlabs’ Form 1+ printer is being welcomed with open arms by 3BFAB, as is portrayed in the excitement of Hakan Güzelgöz, the CEO and co-founder of 3BFAB.“We are pleased to offer our customers the best high resolution desktop SLA 3D printer on the market,” Güzelgöz said about the new partnership with Formlabs. The Form 1+ brings amazing capabilities for Turkish engineers and designers, reducing their manufacturing and R&D costs.”

The Form 1+ is known for its ability to produce high-resolution and finely-detailed prints, and is widely acknowledged as one of the premier SLA desktop printers within the consumer market. The partnership will not only allow the Form 1+ to be owned by Turkish users, it will also enable them to have access to services and support related to Formlabs and their printer, offering the same high=quality customer service and warranty coverage that one would get in North America. The Form 1+ comes equipped with a one year warranty and a liter of resin material for printing, promoting immediate and easy use of their printer within the Turkish community.

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While Turkey is currently emerging as an Eastern European hub for 3D printing and manufacturing, evidenced by recent deals by Materialise, Prodways, and more, the collaboration between 3BFAB and Formlabs is sure to further push the influence of 3D printing within the country. 3D innovators and manufacturers from Turkey will now have access to a critically acclaimed SLA printer and all of the additional services that Formlabs provides with it in other countries. It’s a win-win situation for Formlabs, who push their product into a new market, as well as 3BFAB and the Turkish community, who will now have complete access to one of the world’s top SLA desktop printers.

“This partnership comes at a time with a growing demand for high resolution SLA 3D printing in the Turkish market,” Güzelgöz said. “We can’t wait to see what exciting projects will be achieved.” This excitement will continue to grow as Formlabs begins to distribute their Form 1+ throughout the international market. From the United States to Europe, China to the new addition of Turkey, Formlabs is clearing all the hurdles in their way as they seek to claim their stake as a top SLA desktop printer provider in the world.