3D Printing

Former Pratt & Whitney Team Members Launch 3D Printing Start-Up

One of the industries currently most benefiting from the explosion of growth in 3D printing (and government funds related to it), is the aerospace industry.  With a number of large manufacturers increasingly using the technology to create end parts, it’s no surprise that smaller firms would crop up to offer their own services to the aerospace segment.  Among them is Addaero Manufacturing, founded by former Pratt & Whitney team members Rich Merlino and Dave Hill.

Addaero manufacturing 3D printing facility

As a consulting, engineering, and 3D printing firm, Addaero touts an expertise in metal 3D printing, specifically promoting their experience and use of Arcam’s Electron Beam Melting technologies, but also DLSM. For instance, their VP or Engineering, Cedar Terrazas, is described as having almost a decade of experience with Arcam’s EBM tech. Claiming the ability to qualify materials, print parts, perform reverse engineering, support R&D, and even support serial production, the New Britain, Connecticut firm suggests itself to be a one-stop shop for all manner of incorporating 3D printing into high-performance manufacturing.

addaero 3D printed iconel rocket engine part test fired by nasaRich Merlino, the firm’s President, said of their role in the space, “The aerospace industry is increasingly looking to utilize additive parts in R&D projects and eventually in production. Very few additive manufacturing companies have the deep level of understanding about what is involved in aerospace matched with additive manufacturing expertise. With Addaero you get both.” David Hill, V.P. Operations, adds, “By always exploring many different additive manufacturing methods we’re continually investigating new ways to combine the right technology to the application. Being flexible and knowing the aerospace segment provides us the opportunity to align the technology and manufacturing solution that’s right for each and every application.”

While the team boasts impressive credentials and high tech equipment, the proof is in the pudding: Addaero’s customers.  That pudding includes NASA, for whom Addaero recently 3D printed Inconel 718 rocket nozzle components which were test fired by the space agency this past June. For a young business, that’s a pretty big customer and may be a testament to the quality of their work and expertise.  To know for sure, you may just have to try the pudding for yourself.