3D Printing

The First Printathon Ever(?) Starts Tomorrow at NUMA

Have you ever been to a Printathon? Me neither. Now’s our chance to go to what Sculpteo is calling the “first Printathon ever”! And it starts tomorrow! I’ll give you a minute to try to imagine what a Printathon is before telling you what Sculpteo says it is…

Ok. Now that you’ve daydreamed a little bit, the “first Printathon ever” is an event hosted by the French 3D printing bureau and a group of their partners – Silicon Sentier,3DS, Fabrique-Hacktion,CKAB, and Schoolab – to demonstrate the power of 3D printing.  Over the next few days, teams of designers, engineers, Makers, and uncategorized people will hatch the most ingenious and practical 3D printable designs they can think of.

Table Printathon

After becoming familiar with 3DS software and getting lessons in connected/smart 3D printed objects from consultancy CKAB, the participants will have one day to form teams, draw up plans, and create their digital objects.  Sculpteo will then take the designs and have them printed and installed at the event venue, the newly inaugurated NUMA building, over the course of a few days. Finally, the resulting prints will be presented to the public on December 11th.

The entire event is free, and, so, has filled up quite quickly. Luckily, that this is the “first” printathon implies that there may be a second, a third, ad infinitum.  And we’ll keep you abreast of the results, as well as future printathons in the making.

Source: Sculpteo