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Get Loaded on 3D: Casketstrength Unveils Whiskey with 3D Motif

Deciding to take the 3D motif to its inebriated apex, CaskStrength announces its 3D whiskey as part of its latest installment in its Alphabet Of Whiskey. Three distilleries combined forces for the punch of poets: Daluaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown. This concoction can be purchased for just under £50 through Master of Malt. The unique blend comes with a downloadable 3D printed sleeve for the inspired spirit. Accompanying the 3D label is a pair of 3D glasses thanks to designer David McDougall. The sleeve designs can be viewed on iMaker’s My Mini Factory. In cool blue, the snowflake design contrasts well with the dark wooden hues of whiskey and appear like 3D stacked boxes from the inside out.

The team put together a fun homage to campy 3D horror fests in a short film. It hits the clichés with good humor and presents an intimidating brew of whiskey.

3D Whisky: The Movie from Caskstrength Creative on Vimeo.

Whiskey 3D Printing

For those interested in the tasting notes, aficionados can revel in the following:

Caskstrength & Carry On – 3D Whisky – 56.4% -504 bottles

Nose: Some candied fruit hits first, with fresh pears, ripe plums and orange peel giving the nose a layer of zestiness. Next comes a hint of white pepper, nutmeg spice, vanilla and nutty milk chocolate.

Palate: A dustiness arrives, with charred oak, leading into a very subtle floral note, more orange peel, creamy malt and lemon meringue pie. The fruits of the nose are concentrated, with plums, sour cherries and more vanilla. Water brings out floral notes of white lilies, elderflower and nectarines.

Finish: Lingering notes of orchard fruit honeysuckle, green apple and subtle oak.

Source: Cask Strength