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FARO 3D scanning acquires Opto-Tech and Open Technologies

Awarding winning 3D scanning and imaging device provider FARO has announced the acquisition of Opto-Tech SRL, an Italian optical device machine manufacturer, and its subsidiary Open Technologies SRL, a 3D scanning solutions company.

“Open Technologies proven core competency in compact, 3D structured light scanning solutions aligns perfectly with our strategic direction,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, President and CEO of FARO.

Dental 3D scanning

Founded in 2001 by engineers Matteo Carocci and Alessandro Patrioli, Open Technologies SRL, which is located in Brescia, Italy, has built a portfolio of compact, 3D structured light scanning solutions for dental technicians and orthopedic surgeons to create crowns, implants, and prosthesis.

By leveraging 3D technology, Open Technologies SRL’s industrial 3D scanners and software decrease time and effort across a variety of product design and inspection applications, including reverse engineering, heritage preservation and restoration, product visualization, and dimensional measurement.

Furthermore, Open Technologies SRL has provided solutions for market sectors such as automotive, aerospace, computer graphics, fashion design and public safety.

Scan in a Box, a desktop 3D scanner by Open Technologies SRL. Photo via Open Technologies.
Scan in a Box, a desktop 3D scanner by Open Technologies SRL. Photo via Open Technologies.

Faro’s visionary 3D technology

With over 35 years, FARO has specialized in 3D metrology to aid in the documentation and creation of complex structures, parts, and product designs within areas such as construction and public safety forensics.

Contributing to its product range, FARO previously launched the Quantum ScanArm, a portable 3D scanning solution designed for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

The Quantum ScanArm uses optically-superior blue laser technology with fast scanning speed to deliver high-resolution point cloud data. In addition, it is able to scan challenging materials without the need for spray or targets.

Following this, FARO introduced the Freestyle3D Objects Laser Scanner, a colour laser scanning solution tailored for the public safety forensics and product design markets. This product expands the range of FARO Freestyle Scanners, which was initially designed for applications within construction.

“We continue to take a leadership position in the integration of visionary 3D technology as a core solution requirement across the breadth of industries where design or reconstruction is considered critical,” added Raab.

The Freestyle3D Objects Laser Scanner. Photo via FARO.

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Featured image shows the FARO Focus S 70 Laser Scanner positioned to scan a mechanical room. Photo via FARO.