3D Printing

Faberdashery Accessorises the Makies — A Live 3D Printing Event in Selfridges Toy Department

From 12pm next Saturday, 2nd November, customers frequenting the toy department at the up-market department store Selfridges, on London’s Oxford Street, will have a quite exclusive opportunity — not only to meet the wonderful people behind the Makie dolls stocked by Selfridges, and the equally lovely people behind Faberdashery, the UK 3D printing filament manufacturer that places a clear emphasis on original quality products  — but also to get some 3D printed freebies.

Makie Dolls SelfridgesClare Cunningham, the Creative Director at Faberdashery, told me that the two UK companies are collaborating on this quite delightful event at the London department store “to demonstrate the creative and inspiring side of 3D printing by making it accessible and available to customers in the most friendly way possible.” And they really are a friendly lot.

As stated, Makies, the customized dolls manufactured and assembled by MakieLab in London using high-end 3D printing, are available from Selfridges. Next Saturday, any Makie purchase will come with some free 3D printed accessories, printed and supplied by the team from Faberdashery, who will be demonstrating its range of outstanding and wholly original filament colours on site using their own 3D printer. The choice of free Makie accessories includes some rather cute bunny slippers in Faberdashery’s Raspberry Spark filament.

acessories 3D Printed Makie

The design of the accessories was done in collaboration between the two companies and typifies the Makie brand — original, adorable and refined.

If you are looking for Christmas present inspiration, this has to be a contender.