3D Printing

EOD Life is 3D Printing Functional Land Mine Replicas

EOD Life is a small 3D printing startup that creates collectables and training devices aimed at the EOD community. Their 3D printed landmines are functional replicas that the company intends to sell for training purposes, or simply as keepsakes.

EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and is essentially the military version of the bomb squad. The owner of EOD Life is currently an active duty member of a EOD Unit, so he understands the seriousness of learning to properly dispose of explosive ordnance like landmines. Training is essential, but traditionally manufactured landmine replicas typically sell for about $600, so a lower cost alternative is a necessity. EOD life’s 3D printed replica landmines should sell for about $75 each.

3d-printing eod life landmine

The replica landmines are completely functional and virtually indistinguishable in function from real YM-1 landmines. EOD Life has recently signed a deal to sell their landmines through Improvised Electronics, where it can be paired with military grade electronics and can be connected to their blast simulators.

The designs for the landmines are currently closed source, so local training facilities will not be able to 3D print their own replicas; however, I’m not surprised that they are unwilling to share the design openly, as I find myself wondering how difficult it would be to convert this replica into the real thing.

eod life 3d printing robot

In addition to their 3D printed landmines, EOD Life is producing collectible toys dressed as EOD personnel and has even created a small bomb disposing robot model. You can purchase the collectibles here, they are available unpainted or, for a little more money, you can purchase a painted figure. You can find out more about EOD life by visiting their website, or following them on Facebook.