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Eaton’s Venus of Cupertino Docks iPad and Possesses Most Accurate Name in Industry

Plump and fertile, the docking station for an iPad, by Scott Eaton, is the aptly named Venus of Cupertino. For those unfamiliar with California corporate geography, the city of Cupertino houses a base for Apple. With this piece, Scott Eaton, digital artist and designer has developed a provocative and elegant 3D structure. The fully functional sculpture covered in resin contains the ability to charge and sync with a USB port and fits multi-generational iPad charging needs.

Cupertino iPad Dock 3D PrintedWhile boasting high-quality production, the price sits just under $250 before taxes and shipping and handling. The price reflects the artistic merit and material used for the docking station. This Venus is high concept. I have written before about 3D imaging, scanning, and printing of the Venus and what such a name conjures in a historical and cultural context.

The folding girth in the sculpture offers a Venus at once refreshing and a bit disturbing. Once perceived as ideal beauty and fertility in Grecian tradition, Venus, in Eaton’s hands, becomes an obese container for our new idyllic beauty, the tablet (connected presumably). She sits on your shelf instead of standing as a human pearl in a clam. Her fertility is charging access to information in the digital age. There is humour and beauty in Eaton’s Venus of Cupertino, fertile, sleek, and corpulent.

Source: Venus