DyeMansion launches widest color palette for SLS and MJF 3D prints

Automated post-processing provider DyeMansion is now offering the choice of the full RAL spectrum for SLS 3D printed parts. Also coming soon for HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) parts, this service is an important milestone for the company as it offers customers complete freedom of design in conjunction with complex, freeform geometries.

Felix Ewald, CEO and co-founder of DyeMansion, comments, “From the very beginning it was always a goal for us to offer standardized colors,”

“The whole RAL palette was quite a challenge to develop, this is why we are more than happy to finally offer it to all our customers and to set a new standard for high-volume AM applications.”

Adding full color spectrum to 3D printing 

Polymer powders used in SLS produce white, grey or black parts. For MJF, the palette is limited to grey or black shades. When it come to certain applications, such as creating an accurate product prototype, or color-coded tooling, this monochromatic range can be limiting. Especially considering FFF filaments are available in almost any color imaginable.

Like Pantone gradients, RAL is a color matching system. Employed in Europe, the complete RAL chart recognizes a total of 1,625 colors, whereas the RAL classic is a collection of 40 colors invented by RAL GmbH in 1927.

A sample of RAL colored 3D prints. Photo via DyeMansion
A sample of RAL colored 3D prints. Photo via DyeMansion

PowerShot Surfacing

PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is one of DyeMansion’s proprietary blasting processes. The company uses this technology to color and finish SLS and MJF 3D printed parts to a high-quality.

Any parts, regardless of complexity, can be introduced to the PSS system, and are fully colored and coated in a matter of minutes. In addition to a matte gloss, the surface of the parts are high repellent to dirt and water.

For SLS, RAL color surfacing is now avialble to all DyeMansion customers at no extra cost. The service for HP 300/500 series 3D printers is coming soon.

First samples of RAL colored MJF 3D printed parts. Photo via DyeMansion
First samples of RAL colored MJF 3D printed parts. Photo via DyeMansion

Taking the “SLS process to another level”

3D printing service bureaus Prototype Projects, based in the UK, and Acron, in Sweden, are among the first customers to try DyeMansion’s RAL color capabilities.

Justin Pringle, Managing Director of Prototype Projects, comments, “For Prototype Projects and our clients, the full range of RAL colors, now available off the shelf for our new DyeMansion system, opens up new avenues for Additive Manufacturing and prototyping using the SLS process.” In addition, “With no color restrictions, this Print-to-Product workflow, using the DyeMansion system, takes the SLS process to another level.”

Recently, DyeMansion also raised $5 million is series A funding to further its R&D efforts.

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Featured image shows a sample DyeMansion color palette. Photo via DyeMansion