3D Printing

Designed with Love. Made with Robots.


Introducing ‘Windswept’ the world’s first jewellery collection created using weather data to form unique shapes.

Windswept uses historical weather statistics to gather wind data and blow it across a virtual cloth. Customers can choose any location in the world on any date in the last 50 years, and watch as the wind in that location changes the movement of the cloth. They can then pause it to create a uniquely draped piece of windswept jewellery.

Windswept is available in sterling silver,
14k gold, 14k rose-gold, gold-plated & rose gold-plated brass, exclusively on the Love & Robots website.

Emer O’Daly of Love & Robots said; “So much of what we feel attached to, what we remember, is inextricably linked to
a particular place & time. We wanted to realise that in a material way by linking a particular date and place to a personalised piece of jewellery. We at Love & Robots are looking at how 3d printing will revolutionize the design and fashion industries. We look to create interactive experiential pieces where the customer is truly part of the creation process.”

Windswept is one of the innovative collections which Love & Robots have been working on in recent months. While this piece allows customers to move a virtual cloth with wind, their other tools will explore more virtual materials, and ways of manipulating them in order to allow customers to create beautiful pieces of jewellery all with a personal touch.

About Love & Robots
Love & Robots is a new type of jewellery brand that exists at the intersection of fashion and technology. Using 3d printing, they have created a range of 3d tools which enable the creation of personalised jewellery. They work in a variety of materials, including solid gold, sterling silver and nylon.

Other Acclaimed Work
In 2015, Love & Robots created the world’s rst free-moving, customizable chainmail cape titled Plumage. It is made from over 6000 moving components parts that give the illusion of real feathers. The commercial garment is printed in one piece using chainmail as the underlayer, integrated with an upper layer of free-moving feathers, to create the textile-like nish.

To mark the year of Irish Design 2015 Love & Robots were asked to create a collaborative piece. They teamed up with costume designer Niamh Lunny and created the Plumage cape, which was debuted at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, to much critical acclaim, and was then exhibited at Dublin Castle for 3 months. It is currently on tour in Ireland.