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Competition Heats Up at Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara

If you’ve ever been to a globally recognized trade show involving 3D printing, robotics, or bitcoin, there’s a good chance that you were at a MecklerMedia-produced event. They produce over 25 conferences every year, including the renowned Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo. Next month, in Santa Clara, California, the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, which is California’s largest 3D printing event, will kick off its third year with two big competitions aimed at all startups and designers involved in the industry.


The first of the two competitions, the 3D Printing Startup Competition, will award $15,000 in the form of an uncapped convertible note to the startup(s) who are pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing is capable of. The investment prize will be coming from venture capitalist group Asimov Ventures, a New York City-based firm that just launched in August 2015. Previous winners of MeklerMedia’s 3D Printing Startu3dprinting_startupp Competition include 3D Hubs (2014), Wivv Wearables (2014), and Osiris Biomedical (2015), just to give you an idea of what sort of quality innovation the judges are looking to discover.

MecklerMedia will also be partnering up with digital artist Laurence Gartel at this year’s Inside 3D Printing event to host the Creative Force Design Competition. Gartel is a digital artist who has worked with the likes of Andy Warhol and renowned graffiti artist Ken Haring, and has established his work inside some of New York City’s most prestigious museums, and also in galleries and exhibits from California to France. Gartel will be giving participants of the Creative Force Design Competition a 3D file that he created himself, and will call on the competitors to alter the 3D file into their own unique modified 3D design. The design-driven competition is meant to explore the use of color and technology by various designers, and Gartel will judge the aesthetic of the submitted designs himself.

Digital artist Laurence Gartel
Digital artist Laurence Gartel

If you’re interested in taking part in the Creative Force Design Competition, you can register and send an email to MecklerMedia to receive Gartel’s special 3D design file. The 3D Printing Startup Competition can be entered in the same fashion, by submitting your startup’s pitch deck via email. Registration prices for both contests increase on September 30th, and will be judged during the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo on October 22. If you think you have what it takes to becoming the next big 3D printing startup, or even if you just think you have the kind of 3D design skills that would impress a legendary digital artist such as Gartel, MecklerMedia is putting some pretty compelling competitions to go along their numerous exhibitors and sponsors.

And, if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can get 10% off with the code “3DPI”.