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CoKreeate’s Cool 3D Printed Comic Book Cover

Los Angeles based 3D scan and print service CoKreeate might have just made the next gimmick cover that comic fans will say that they hate but will still buy anyway. Brimstone and the Borderhounds #9 gets a 3D printed cover, and it’s cool enough that I’ll be really shocked if this doesn’t catch on.

Being friends with a pro wrestler who writes comic books is probably about as cool as it sounds. But considering the 3D printed cover that they gave him I would imagine that for Brimstone it’s pretty cool being friends with guys who run a 3D scan and print service. After being unable to find anyone who had 3D printed a comic book cover before, Will and Andy Co decided to make one for their friend, and show off what they can do with their 3D scanners and 3D printers at the same time.

Once the comic cover was delivered to CoKreeate they scanned it and went to work turning the 2 dimensional image into a 3 dimensional image. A CAD drawing was created in Zbrush and the cover was then printed on a full-colour printer in resin hardened sandstone. The results are pretty great and would look good on any comic fans wall.

3D Printing brimstone cover CoKreeate

Variant covers, or alternate covers, are a big business in the comic industry. Publishers will often produce multiple covers of books, some rarer than others, that are typically used as ordering incentives to increase the total amount of copies each store brings in. Generally you will see an alternate piece of art, but occasionally publishers will try something a little different, like holograms, die cut card stock covers and occasionally 3D artwork. But as far as I can tell nothing that is actually 3 dimensional that was printed from a 3D printer. It really isn’t hard for me to imagine Marvel Comics creating a handful of 3D printed covers to be used as alternate covers or give aways. Or maybe take classic or iconic covers and convert them into wall art for the serious collector. I’d pick up a print of X-Men #234 (One of the first comics that I ever purchased for myself) in a heartbeat. And I’m sure the guys at Cokreeate would be more than willing to help Marvel out.

3D Printing Comic Covers

Cokreeate is based in Alhambra, California and offers its services to local residents. They specialize in 3D statues, busts and 3D printed photographs similar to the Brimstone cover.

full 3d scan print CoKreeate

Check out their Instagram for tons of great images of their prints and if you’re in the LA area and in need of a 3D printed bust or statue, give them a call and they’ll gladly come to you.