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CoffeeSCad – 3D Modelling in Your Browser

A self proclaimed tinkerer-slash-programmer Mark Moissette, also known as ckaos, has been working on a new 3D modelling application. The software – named CoffeeSCad – enables parametric modelling similar to OpenSCAD and it only uses Coffeescript and Javascript. CoffeeSCad also has a full featured code editor and enables real time visualization, so you can watch your designs change instantly when typing in your code.

This is a significant development for opening up 3D modelling to a much wider audience and it is precisely this type of application that will entice them to participate and start designing. It also has many implications for schools, design education and youngsters.

Live demo can be found here – be sure to leave Mark feedback after testing the software, as it is currently in an early demo phase!

Mark ckaos Moissettes CoffeeScad

Source: Github