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Bud-Es: Friends for Your Buds

Pretend you didn’t see the feature image. What do you think Bud-E is? Is it a revamp of the My Buddy dolls from the 1980s? Possibly an electronic joint sold as a response to Colorado’s recent commercialization of marijuana. If you said a 3D printed spool for your earbud headphones in the shape of a critter, you were right. With the successful funding of a Kickstarter campaign, Bud-E will be that thing.

bude 3D Printing bud open 3D PrintingTareq Mirza and Aaroon Sadat are New York-based entrepreneurs that wish to make storing your earbuds easier by developing 3D printed spools on which to wrap your headphones. This frees you to shove your headphones into your pocket without fear of entanglement. But they’re not just any 3D printed spool, they’re Bud-Es, which means that they are in the shape of cute animals starting at $25. For the moment, the animals you can choose from are dogs and cats, but with a pledge of $37 to their Kickstarter campaign, you can purchase a vampire Bud-E that is as detailed as it is horrifying. And with a little more money, you can buy a 3D printed metal bottle opener in the shape of said vampire.

vamp 3D Printing

For now Bud-E is a cute solution to a common problem, but with a little bit of funding, I can imagine the team behind Bud-E branching out. If Tareq and Aaroon want to develop a successful accessory empire, they will end up 3D printing all sorts of accessories in the shapes of animals. Then, they’ll release 3D printed accessories for these accessories. Maybe a little biker helmet for the doggie? Razor scooter for the kitty?  Sell them to teenagers to play with, otherwise bored during high school lectures, and Bud-E could be a very lucrative business.

Watch the Kickstarter video below and let us know what you think:

Source: Kickstarter