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BEEVERYCREATIVE to launch B2X300 3D printer kit – technical specifications and pricing

Portuguese desktop 3D printer provider BEEVERYCREATIVE is to launch a new B2X300 DIY kit at the 2018 TCT Show in the UK. This new FFF/FDM 3D printer kit has been designed based on quantitative and qualitative feedback from customers of the helloBEEprusa kit, released 2015, and studies conducted by the BEEVERYCREATIVE team over the past 3 years.

A limited run of the B2X300 was sent to beta testers in April 2018, and now the kit is set for official release 25 – 27 September.

ESA and R&D

Since 2016, the BEEVERYCREATIVE team has been busy producing a high performance polymer 3D printer for the European Space Agency (ESA). A prototype of this microgravity system was delivered to the agency in May 2018, freeing the company up to start its latest development cycle for the B2X300.

In the past year, the company has conducted several studies on the quality and required features of an FFF 3D printer. This includes the analysis of its own customer feedback; a benchmarking test with other companies in the sector; and market research concerning what makers value most about their 3D printer kits.

B2X300 technical specifications

BEEVERYCREATIVE has a variety of 3D printers suited to the desktop market. Its BEETHEFIRST and BEETHEFIRST+ 3D printers are made for home and professional use, and BEEINSCHOOL is a model specially made for education.

The upcoming B2X300 is a new 3D printer for the company’s Maker segment. It’s predecessor, the HELLOBEEPRUSA retails, before tax, for €499 the equivalent of $581.26 USD. It has two extruders and a max print volume of 185 x 200 x 190 mm.

At present the retail price for the B2X300 is indisclosed. Like this first kit, the B2X300 is dual extrusion (Hence the B2X part of the name), but the system will upgrade the PRUSA in several ways.

Dual extrusion on the B2X300. Screengrab via BEEVERYCREATIVE
Dual extrusion on the B2X300. Screengrab via BEEVERYCREATIVE

First of all, max build volume has been extended to 300 x 200 x 300 mm (putting the 300 in BX2300). Other new features of the B2X300 are auto bed leveling and Trinamic driver control.

Further details of BEEVERYCREATIVE’s latest 3D printer kit will be released by the company on launch.

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Featured image shows the frame of an assembled BX200 3D printer. Screengrab via BEEVERYCREATIVE