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XYZprinting debuts voice controlled da Vinci AiO 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

Following the release of the da Vinci Color mini, Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has revealed the da Vinci “All in One (AiO)” desktop 3D scanner and FDM system.

The da Vinci Color AiO includes a voice-controlled system, an inbuilt engraver, and 3D Color Jet technology, an upgrade on its predecessor, the da Vinci 1.0 AiO. Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting stated:

“The added features of the printer  make the AiO the most complete desktop 3D printing unit ever developed, giving entrepreneurs and designers the chance to bring their ideas to life.”

The da Vinci Color AiO. Photo via XYZprinting.
The da Vinci Color AiO. Photo via XYZprinting.

On-command color 3D printing

3D Color Jet technology from XYZprinting achieves full-color prints by mixing printer ink cartridges and sprays CYMK color droplets layer by layer onto white PLA filament. In the new AiO system, 3D printing is controlled through voice activation which can be used for preparing a print job, pausing, calibration, status updates, and printer maintenance.

Furthermore, the AiO features a built-in photogrammetry based 3D scanner enabling integrating a key part of some design projects, as well as a laser engraver add-on which is interchangeable with the printhead for further detail. The laser is cable of engraving on materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, wood, and plastic.

“Being able to tell the printer what you want it to do will make it simple to navigate, as well as letting you search from the XYZ 3D gallery,” added Shen. “This means that if you would like to find a 3D model of a vase, you would just say ‘search for a vase for me’ and the 3D gallery would bring up all vases on the gallery to choose from,” 

“This latest innovation is a significant step forward for 3D printing, particularly for desktop users. Being able to control your printer with something as intuitive as simply speaking will open up 3D printing to a wider range of people.”

3D printed hair dryer created by the da Vinci color AiO. Image via XYZprinting.

The da Vinci Color AiO: technical specifications and pricing

Build Volume Mono Color Printing: 200 x 200 x 150 mm

Full-Color Printing: 184 x 185 x 150 mm
Layer Resolution 100 – 400 microns
Weight 34 kg (74.9 lbs)
Material compatibility 3D Color-inkjet PLA / PLA/ PETG 
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Print Speed (Max) 180 mm/sec
Print Bed Ez removable metal
Scan Technology Photogrammetry 3D
Scan Resolution 5M Pixel
Scan Dimension 140 x 140 mm
Scan Software XYZscan Color
Laser Engraver Optional
Engraving Area 20 cm x 20 cm
Laser Wavelength
450nm + 5nm/-10nm InGaN

The da Vinci Color AiO will be available through XYZprinting’s network of partner resellers from September 2018 at the recommended retail price of £2,699. XYZprinting will also be exhibiting its range of da Vinci desktop 3D printers at the IFA 2018 in Messedamm, Berlin until September 5th.

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Featured image shows the da Vinci Color AiO. Photo via XYZprinting.