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B9 Model Cure: the missing link in the desktop factory

3D printed models often need a little extra help from a UV light to cure excess resin and harden up the finished product and that is especially true now the printers are good enough to manufacture. The end result is now a usable product, not just a visual representation so it has to stand the test of time.

Curing your finished resin or PLA model can make a world of difference and now, thanks to the B9 Model Cure, professional UV protection for your models is now within reach. It’s ideal for small models, jewelry and prototypes, but the only real limit to what it can do is the size and your imagination.

UV curing ovens have become increasingly popular in recent times, but the commercially available units were either expensive or underpowered. That has led the maker community to create their own hacks at home and the internet is awash with ways to build your own curing oven. Some have even hacked nail polish curers. This simply isn’t for everyone, though.

Plug and play curing for the masses

Lots of us simply want an off the shelf UV curing oven that actually does the job. The B9 Model Cure might well be the answer we’ve been looking for.

Priced at just $495, the B9 Model Cure brings professional grade curing within reach of the keen amateur, small business owner or even enthusiastic hobbyist. A small model will take just 2-3 minutes under the lights and larger ones should be ready in less than 10 minutes.

This self-contained chamber harnesses the power of a 65 Watt LED that provides consistent light without generating excessive heat. The output of 40.0 mW/cm2 is way ahead of the competition and the LED should last for more than 50,000 hours in normal use.

That’s more than 60 years if you use the model curer for an hour a day, so this clever device should last longer than many of us.

B9 model curing, post production for the desktop factory

Cure multiple models at once

The wide chamber can take a number of models at once, so you can focus on your printing and leave the curing to take care of itself. The internal chamber is 12.7x17x17cm, which is more than enough for most purposes.

The compact unit has external dimensions of just 21.6x20x15cm, too, and it weighs in at just 7.3lb. So most of the B9 Model Cure is actually doing something useful.

It will also prevent light emission when the door is open, which will protect you and your loved ones from excessive UV exposure that has been linked to skin cancer.

This neat unit also comes with a digital clock, simple and intuitive controls. It will also give you an audible nudge when it has finished curing and it comes with memory settings that allow for complete repeatability, too.

So you don’t have to think about your UV curing oven, you can just get on with making models and leave the B9 to do its thing.

Advanced users will be happy to know they can cure their models underwater, too, with the glass vessel that is included in the package.

The budget UV oven we’ve been waiting for

The maker community has been crying out for a budget UV curing oven that is powerful enough to give them great results at home. Printers are moving at a frightening rate and now we need the rest of the desktop production line to catch up, fast.

The B9 UV Model Cure is a clear step in the right direction. Combined with the right printer, this tool can turn a kitchen table into a small business and the finish on your models, jewelry and even rapid prototypes should put a smile on your face today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.