Awexim Poland enters 3D printing market with Farsoon Europe

Farsoon Europe, the German subsidiary of 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards nominee Farsoon Technologies, has signed a sales agreement with Awexim. Located in Warsaw, Poland, Awexim is a consultancy business and reseller of tools and machine tools. Leveraging its knowledge of this market, the company will now aid in the dissemination and sale of Farson’s LPBF technology throughout Poland.

Dr. Dirk Simon, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe, said the company was “delighted” to enter into the partnership. In addition, he said that he believes, “The production industry in Poland will strongly benefit from combining competencies of classical with additive manufacturing.”

Farsoon's range of 3D printer. Image via Farsoon Technologies
Farsoon’s range of 3D printers. Image via Farsoon Technologies.

Farsoon Technologies LPBF

Farsoon is a developer and provider of open source additive manufacturing systems for both polymer and metal fabrication. The most recent polymer release from the company is the HT1001P Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) which aims to outstrip the competition with a 1000 x 5000 x 450 mm build volume. Introduced February 2019, Flight Technology is the company’s Innovation of the Year shortlisted method of high speed metal 3D printing which is currently in the early adoption stage.

In the terms of the new agreement, Awexim will be selling Farsoon’s 3D printers. Every year, on average, the company already serves more than 1,000 customers from its Polish base.

A 3D printed plastic car part by Farsoon. Image via: the company's website
A 3D printed plastic car part by Farsoon. Image via: the company’s website

Awexim enters additive manufacturing 

The sale of Farsoon 3D printers marks Awexim’s formal induction into the additive market. For Andrzej Wodziński, Managing Director of Awexim, “This cooperation opens huge possibilities to bring even more solutions for our customers on solving their needs.”

In addition, he says:

“3D printing is a future of industry,”

“[…] we are sure that the connection of Farsoon and our team will have a big influence on this industry in Poland.”

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Featured image shows a 3D printed plastic car part by Farsoon. Image via Farsoon Technologies