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Avante Technology Releases Automatic STL File Repair Software

3D printing technology development company Avante Technology has announced the release of the Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software. Emendo will make sure that your models are manifold by automatically analyzing and making needed repairs to 3D STL files.

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Many 3D printing enthusiasts go through the nightmare of trying to print STL files that are not manifold. When a model isn’t manifold there are errors or holes in a 3D model that will cause misprints or even complete print failure if they’re not repaired. Depending on the types of repairs this process can be quite time consuming, and while there are other software options they are either free web-based services that take a lot of time to work or prohibitively expensive software applications. Avante says that Emendo’s $49.95 license fee makes it an ideal alternative file repair software.

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The model repair process is dramatically simplified over manual model repair techniques because Emendo does all the work for the user. After a model is repaired, if the corrections produce new errors, the model simply needs to be run through the repair software again. And if it is a particularly stubborn model there is an option to automatically rebuild the mesh surface until it has become a manifold STL file. While this alternate process takes more time, Avante says that it should replace the need to send models that require complex repairs to a professional 3D model technician.

The single user list price for Emendo is $49.95, however Avante is offering OEM licensing and volume pricing upon request, and they will be offering end user and commercial tech support and program updates. Currently Emendo is only available for Mac OS 10.9 or higher, however they are currently developing a Windows version and an SDK for third party applications.