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Autodesk launches ReMake

The ability to digitize the physical world into high definition 3D models just took another leap forward.  After a successful test period Autodesk ReMake, previously known as Autodesk Memento, is now available as a commercial product.

ReMake converts a sequence of photos or scan data into high resolution 3D meshes and provides a smart toolset to clean, repair, and optimize the mesh for design and engineering workflows, digital archiving, interactive AR/VR experiences, and fabrication — all in one package.

“We are amazed by the creativity of our Beta community and the variety of industries using ReMake software,”  said Tatjana Dzambazova, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk. “The positive feedback we’ve received on how simple ReMake is to use is very encouraging, as making complex technology easy-to-use was our main driver.”

Feedback from Beta users:

  • “The clarity of the user interface and the simple workflow make ReMake (formerly Memento) a real pleasure to use.  As a photographer creating complex 3D designs, the cloud processing and intuitive surface tools are real time-savers, and make this a compact, yet powerful and comprehensive solution.” – Henry Reicholds, photographer
  • “I teach an Introductory Digital Tools class at the California College of the Arts. ReMake (formerly Memento) was by far everyone’s favorite tool to experiment with. Many of my students came into this class with no experience and feeling very intimidated. For such power, ReMake is extremely easy to navigate, and my students were able to grasp it right away and able to apply it to their own creative practice almost immediately.”  – Mia Feuer, instructor, California College of the Arts
  • Jon, Scan the World Manager at MyMiniFactory.com commented: “I’ve been using MeMento over the last 12 months in relation to Scan the World project, the world largest digital museum. It’s has been a great solution. It’s nice to see becoming officially part of Autodesk 3D Printing familly.”

Designed to handle dense reality data that often slows down other software, ReMake can visualize and edit up to one billion polygon mesh models, which are typical when detailed captures are needed and various sensor inputs are combined. 

While offering local photo-to-3D processing, ReMake is unique in offering cloud computation, eliminating the need for powerful desktop machines and thus making digitization of reality (reality computing) accessible to a vast number of users.  ReMake requires no CAD or 3D modeling experience, opening the doors to possibilities across a variety of industries and levels of design experience.   

Examples for ReMake in action include:

  • Made in Space integrated a 3D scanning system in their 3D printer on the International Space Station, utilizing ReMake software to compile the data and create a 3D model used to verify the dimensions of the printed part. 
  • The Smithsonian Institution teamed with Autodesk to scan and create a 3D model of the iconic Apollo 11 command module for preservation, education and further research. 
  • Hardshell Labs to create digital models of tortoise shells for 3D printing and conservation efforts to help save desert tortoises.
  • Renown paleontologist Dr. Louise Leakey used the technology to create digital replicas of the oldest stone tools known to man to share with scholars and enthusiasts in the African Fossils virtual laboratory.
  • The Hydrous, a science communication non-profit, is using ReMake to create detailed 3D models of coral reefs to monitor changes in size and color for conservation efforts.
  • ReMake also integrates with Autodesk ReCap 360, helping to clean up, fix, and optimize assets for further workflows.  A recent scan project at the Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheater captured images to create a digital map of the challenging terrain, producing details, such as cracks on rocks, to a one-half inch of accuracy.

Some of the new features included with the commercial launch are:

  • Local computing with control parameters and 50Gigapixel image input.  Insert screenshot.
  • Powerful diff analysis, reference points, scale and units
  • Smart export templates for direct workflows with design, modeling and story telling tools
  • New Play publish for online sharing

ReMake will initially launch on Windows with the Mac version to follow soon.  To learn more, visit