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Ignacio Tovar
Ignacio Tovar
Ignacio Tovar is a founding partner of Steed, a small innovation consultancy based in Mexico City and organizer of the futurologi event series. He is currently studying a MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College, London. Ignacio is interested in the development of social, economic, design and technology trends as they shape the future.

Schools in Victoria, Australia are now using 3D printing to understand biology like never before. This application of additive manufacturing allows young students to visualize the basics of anatomy by via 3D printed replicas of sk [...]

The University of Nottingham is on its way to become an even more prominent figure in the world of British 3D printing. A ground-breaking ceremony has taken place to mark the start of work to build a pioneering Institute for Advan [...]

A collaboration between Russia's Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and the Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering known as TSNIITOCHMASH has produced 3D printed bullets. The Foundation fo [...]

Mingjing Lin is a fashion designer currently studying for her PhD at Royal College of Art, London. Her current project is an ongoing exploration of 3D printings use in fashion and textile design. In her recent collaboration with P [...]

Today is one of those days that might decide the fate of humanity. As readers awake today, there will be an extra weight on their shoulders as the rest of the world clutches its mouth anxiously as the US presidential elections fin [...]

Among the many uses for 3D printing, PC modding would seem like a natural one. Just in the last few years there has been a growing use of additive manufacturing to customize PC setups. This growing interest has caused some PC bran [...]

According the Imagine 2050 report, companies across three key industries are standing in a mine of wasted materials and energy worth $5 billion, and that is only in the UK. The report was developed by Veolia, a resource optimisati [...]

This weekend every Barnes & Noble is hosting a Mini MakerFaire along with a series of parallel activities where visitors will be able to try some cutting edge educational products. And if you happen to be in Seattle, the Publi [...]

A group of researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory demonstrated that 3D printed permanent magnets can outperform their traditionally created counterparts. The 3D printed magnets also manage to creating complex geometries with [...]

Researchers at the Germany's Technical University of Munich presented their biotINK project at the International Genetically Engineered Machine 2016 Giant Jamboree in Boston on October 29. BiotINK aims to make printing complex 3D [...]