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U.S Election 3D printing special

Today is one of those days that might decide the fate of humanity. As readers awake today, there will be an extra weight on their shoulders as the rest of the world clutches its mouth anxiously as the US presidential elections finally get underway. If you happen to be voting or just want to join in with the fun via 3D printing, here is a special 3DPI Additive Manufacturing Extravaganza to get you in the right mood as you prepare to visit the polling station (or book a flight on Elon Musk’s mission to Mars).

Election Basics

Lets start with some election essentials.

Clinton vs Trump Chess Set by cdr420

Tired of arguing who is the best candidate and risking professional and personal relationships? Perhaps chess is the solution. With this chess set you can take your time waiting for the election results while channeling your political spirit into intellectual stimulation.

Image via:
Image via: cdr420


The Decider by BenDyeSculpture

If you simply can’t decide which candidate is better, why not trust this little device?

Image via: Bendyesculpture
Image via: BenDyeSculpture


I Voted Button (red, white, and blue) by thinkman

Let the world know your vote has been cast. Now you have become part of electoral history!

Image via:
Image via: thinkman


The Hillary Clinton Action Figure by FCTRY

Hillary as an action figure wearing her traditional attire.

Image via: FCTRY
Image via: FCTRY

Hillary Clinton by Veg3D

Now you can have the Clinton bust you always wanted, but were afraid to ask for. Make sure to print it as big as possible and carry it with you all day long.

Image via: Veg3D
Image via: Veg3D


Hillary’s E-mail Server by 2ROBOTGUY

Hillary’s e-mail scandal, materialized! Now you can always remember why its important to follow protocol.

Image via:
Image via: 2ROBOTGUY



Donald of course has his very own action figure. Bendable, and adaptable to every situation Trump is here to make America Great Again.

Image via: Ricardo Salomao
Image via: Ricardo Salomao


TRUMP Stress ball! by Ricardo Salomao

If anxiety is eating your insides, perhaps it is time to let some of that steam out.

Image via: Ricardo Salomao
Image via: Ricardo Salomao


Trump with Sombrero by Roman van der Rijt

What is better than a stress ball of Donald Trumps head? The Donald con un Sombrero, naturally.

Image via:
Image via: Roman van der Rijt

Trumpachu by zackofja

This is your opportunity to see Trump with different eyes; finally, a kid friendly version of the Donald is here.

Image via:
Image via: zackofja

Bonus: Obama Farewell Kit

Obama Llama by thisnameis22characters

Nothing says the world is a strange place like this Obama Llama 3D print. Embrace life and its absurdity as you see this figure become real in your 3D printer.

Image via:
Image via: thisnameis22characters

Obama_BuddhaV1 by tramalot

Make Obama’s blessing yours by printing this figure and placing it near your place of worship.

Image via:
Image via: tramalot

Barack Obama by Makerbot

A dignified bust of Obama. Classic.

Image via: Makerbot
Image via: Makerbot


And finally, even if Trump doesn’t manage to build “the best” wall, you can still imagine what might have been with this superb addition to the landscape. The undeniably epic “Mount Trumpmore” created by Rigid Ink.

Mount Trumpmore by Rigid Ink. Image via MyMiniFactory
Mount Trumpmore by Rigid Ink. Image via MyMiniFactory



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