Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports using Stratasys 3D printing for competitive edge

At RAPID + TCT, leading 3D printer OEM Stratasys has announced a collaboration with Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (Arrow SPM), an NTT IndyCar Series racing team, to integrate its 3D printing technology into Arrow SPM’s manufacturing process. The racing team will use 3D printed parts to help improve the performance of its vehicles on the race track.

Jon Flack, President, Arrow SPM, comments “Stratasys is an elite partner, allowing us to transform typical manufacturing processes with 3D printing by learning on race day and implementing by the following weekend.”

“We’re confident this collaboration will not only prove out in the shop – but produce wins on the track.” 

Arrow SPM is integrating Stratasys 3D printers into its manufacturing process. Photo via Stratasys.
Arrow SPM is integrating Stratasys 3D printers into its manufacturing process. Photo via Stratasys.

3D printed carbon fiber for improved performance on the track

Owned by former Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt, Arrow SPM has been racing in IndyCar for almost 20 years, notching up 7 wins and three top-five finishes in the championship points standings.

To help produce more winning races, Arrow SPM is leveraging the Stratasys Fortus 450mc and F370 3D printers from design to final part production. Specifically, utilizing the FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber (Nylon 12CF) and ASA materials on the Fortus 450mc, Arrow SPM designers will be able to create functional prototypes, product components and rugged tooling for its racing vehicles.

Designed for use the in automotive and aerospace industries, Nylon 12CF is 35% chopped carbon fiber by weight, displaying high fatigue resistance and stiffness. This makes it a suitable fit for Arrow SPM’s manufacturing processes, where there is demand for high-performing carbon-filled composite materials.

“At our core, Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports is committed to being the best – anytime the best is required. We’re not just aiming to win IndyCar championships and Indianapolis 500s, but sustaining excellence, from design all the way to final part production,” added Jon Flack.

The Stratasys F450mc 3D Printer installed at Arrow SPM. Photo via Stratasys.
The Stratasys F450mc 3D Printer installed at Arrow SPM. Photo via Stratasys.

Stratasys racing forward in automotive sport

Arrow SPM joins a growing group of professional racing teams integrating Stratasys additive manufacturing to improve their ability in racing competitions. These racing teams have utilized Statasys’ portfolio of FDM 3D printers to create high-performance parts matching the demanding requirements of automotive sport. For example, other IndyCar racing teams like Andretti Autosport have also installed the Stratasys Fortus 450mc and F370 3D printers to produce parts for its racing cars.

Furthermore, Team Penske, an American professional racing team also taking part in the IndyCar series, has collaborated with Stratasys on previous occasions to redesign parts and 3D print tooling, with the intention of improving the performance of its vehicles. Initially beginning in 2017, their collaboration has since grown, enabling Team Penske to improve the overall aerodynamics of its race cars. “Competitive racing is the ideal test track to demonstrate the power of FDM technology. At Stratasys, we provide the industry’s only tested solutions that win in high-requirement environments – again and again,” explained Pat Carey, Senior Vice President at Stratasys.

“And as racing teams consistently push the boundaries of innovation, the larger automotive and aerospace industries are taking notice. We’re pleased to prove the repeatability and reliability of our additive manufacturing solutions alongside a great partner like Arrow Schmidt Peterson.”

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Featured image shows the Arrow SPM team with their 3D printed part using Stratasys Fortus 450mc. Photo via Arrow SPM.