3D Printing

Arcam supports the expansion of Alcoa's 3dP Technology Portfolio

Arcam AB (ARCM:Stockholm) a leading supplier of cost-efficient manufacturing solutions for production of metal components is supporting Alcoa’s 3D printing (3dP) portfolio with the aim to reinforce and expand advance manufacturing primarily for the aerospace and medical industries.



As an innovative firm, Arcam AB provides a technology called Electron Beam Melting (EBM) which offers a process where fully dense metal components are melted with a powerful electron beam and exact geometry designed by a CAD model. The process, offers design freedom combined with excellent material properties and high productivity.

Additionally, Arcam AB offers the Arcam Q20plus, a 3dP technology specially design for cost-efficient production of aerospace components, such as turbine blades and structural airframes components. The Arcam Q20 plus has the additional advantage of a faster build-up speed and a larger build envelope for printing bigger components or enabling optimal stacking of smaller components.

Arcam AB's Q20plus
Arcam AB’s Q20plus

Alcoa an innovation leader in 3D printing of aerospace, has expanded its portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions to include the Arcam Q20plus.  Alcoa will support the printer’s EBM technology to meet increasing demands for complex, high-performance 3D printed parts for aerospace.


Alcoa to supply Airbus with metal 3D printed airplane parts
Alcoa to supply Airbus with metal 3D printed airplane parts

Arcam AB, sees Alcao as an innovation partner for advance manufacturing, primarily for the aerospace and medical industries, which gives Arcam AB the initiative to support the expansion of Alcoa’s 3dP technology portfolio, as a form of mutually benefit from each others competitive advantages.

The Arcam Group offers EBM systems in Sweden, powder metals through AP&C in Canada and implant contract manufacturing through DiSanto in the U.S.