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Anycubic and JBD J1 MicroLED 3D printer: technical specifications and pricing

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic is working with display panel specialist Jade Bird Display (JBD) to develop a new consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer, the J1 MicroLED 3D printer.  

Announced under the working title ‘J1,’ the machine is set to feature a JBD UV MicroLED display and adjustable 0.3CC light engine, enabling it to ergonomically print parts with details as small as 10µm. As such, the system, which is slated for a debut at TCT Asia in August, is being marketed as the first unit of its kind to provide “accuracy, low-energy consumption and a long lifespan at a competitive price.”

“Constantly exploring new application areas is what keeps JBD moving forward,” said Dr. Li Qiming, Founder and CEO of JBD. “In this cooperation with Anycubic, JBD will follow the same commitment to providing customers with high-quality MicroLED products. And based on this, we will accelerate the promotion of more leading-edge MicroLED technology products and constantly surpass the benchmarks we have set, pushing further the innovative boundaries of the industry.”

Anycubic and JBD's new J1 3D printer. Image via JBD.
Anycubic and JBD’s new J1 3D printer. Image via JBD.

Anycubic’s MicroLED expansion

Over the last seven years, Anycubic has established a strong reputation for itself in the world of consumer-grade 3D printing, with its portfolio of filament and resin-based machines. Recent additions to the firm’s offering include the Kobra and Kobra Plus 3D printers, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) systems featuring LeviQ auto-bed leveling, a technology designed to make them accessible to beginners. 

During the 3D Printing Industry Anycubic Kobra review, this feature bore fruit, making the machine intuitive to use, and it proved capable of printing with a slightly higher level of repeatability than its competitors. On the DLP side, Anycubic also introduced its Photon M3 3D printer in March 2022, another entry-level system powered by a LighTurbo matrix light source that enables the printing of fine-edged parts. 

However, until now, Anycubic hasn’t dabbled in microscale 3D printing. While technologies like Boston Micro Fabrication’s SLA microArch S230 3D printer, which is capable of creating parts at resolutions down to just 2μm, already exist on the market, they tend to be much larger than the upcoming J1. As such, the firm says it’s now working with JBD to make the technology accessible to its core customers. 

“We have been following the concept of developing accessible, practical and innovative products,” added an Anycubic spokesperson. “The cooperation with JBD demonstrates our creativity in product development and the progress that we have made in producing portable 3D printers. It will enable us to go far in unleashing people’s creativity and making people enjoy the freedom in creation.”

The Anycubic Kobra. Photo by 3D Printing Industry.
The Anycubic Kobra. Photo by 3D Printing Industry.

Pocket-sized micro-3D printing

Provisionally-named the J1, Anycubic’s first foray into micro-3D printing is set to be powered by JBD’s cutting-edge UV light engine and MicroLED display. Manufactured via the firm’s semiconductor hybrid integration process, in which III-V light-emitting LEDs are combined with a silicon-based CMOS backplane, the latter is designed to deliver a high-contrast ratio at an ultra-low power consumption. 

The light module’s compact shape is also said to be a key contributor to the machine’s portability. Although there’s no word on weight, the system is just 175mm in height, making it only slightly taller than the average 550ml beverage container, and small enough for adopters to transport and deploy as and when it’s needed. 

Once called into action, the high pixel density of the J1’s display, which stands at more than 6,000 pixels per inch (PPI), enables it to manufacture parts with fine surface details. Ahead of the machine’s launch later this year, Anycubic says its precision capabilities should therefore allow users to create everything from jewelry to prototypes for application in aerospace, medicine or other high-tech fields.

JBD's 0.3CC UV MicroLED Projector. Image via JBD.
JBD’s 0.3CC UV MicroLED Projector. Image via JBD.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Anycubic J1 3D printer. The system isn’t yet being marketed via Anycubic or JBD’s websites, but it is slated for an unveiling at the TCT Asia Exhibition as well as the CIOE Expo in September 2022.

Dimensions 175mm (Height) 
Accuracy Details down to 10µm
Pixel Density >6,000PPI
Power Consumption 6 watts
Estimated LifespanOver 20,000 hours

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Featured image shows Anycubic and JBD’s new J1 3D printer. Image via JBD.

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