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Affordable innovation with the AON-M 3D printer

3D Printing Industry first took a look at Canadian 3D printing company, AON3D in 2015. At the time they were raising funds for a successful Kickstarter. With a few years under their belts plus the validation of commercial success the company is now back on our radar.

With their AON-M 3D printer, the company is specifically targeting users who want to create quality industrial prints but without the need to use a specialized bureau or own an expensive industrial machine.

AON-M build plate. Photo via AON3D.
AON-M build plate. Photo via AON3D.

Opening up engineering plastics

With the ability to print advanced materials such as PEEK. AON-M bridges the gap between desktop FDM machines and industrial models such as the Stratasys’ Fortus.

The use of materials such as PEEK and ULTEM, is something we expect to be a big trend for this year. Particularly with more affordable machines being capable to print advanced materials such as the AON-M.

We asked some users of the AON-M 3D printer about how they see the possibilities. Matt Howlett of 3D printing filament suppliers 3DXTech said,

The future of 3D printing lies with advanced materials and the possibilities they enable. AON3D lets me print with engineering grade thermoplastics such as carbon-fiber reinforced PEEK at an order of magnitude less cost than was previously possible.


Additionally, the AON-M can produce warp-free, large volume 3D prints. This is possible due to the 3D printers’ heated build plate which ensures a consistent printing process. Particularly important when attempting to work with advanced materials. The heated build plate is coupled with dual forced-air chamber heaters to eliminate the effects of warping and cracking.

AON-M Dual Extruders. Photo via AON3D.
AON-M Dual Extruders. Photo via AON3D.

In-house production

The AON-M brings the power of batch production at a lower cost and enables in-house production. AON3D hope to provide an alternative to outsourcing 3D printing production to a bureau with expensive machines.  

The AON-M facilitates batch production with its dual independently controlled tool-heads.

When coupled with a duplication mode function this allows the faster production of batch 3D prints. Having double the tool-heads means double the parts and speed.

AON-M 3D Printer. Photo via AON3D.
AON-M 3D Printer. Photo via AON3D.

Jay Evanovich, CEO and Co-Founder of Performance 3-d, explains how these features put AON3D above the rest,

We recently used our AON3D printer to print 300 electrical enclosures out of ABS, as part of a contract manufacturing job for a high-end audio corporation. On a “large” desktop printer we could barely fit 4 parts at a time – with the AON-M we were doing 12+ at once using the dual heads and the large build plate. Outsourcing this to a shop with a Stratasys machine would have cost a fortune, taken longer, and would not have yielded any improvement in part quality.

The AON-M 3D printer is available here.

Technical Specifications


Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Build Volume (mm) 454 x 454 x 640

Max Speed 500mm/s

Z Layer Height ≥0.05mm

Max. Temperatures

Hot End 450°C+

Heated Bed 150°C+

Build Chamber 70°C

Nozzle Sizes (mm) 0.6 by default – 0.4, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 also available

Filament Size (mm) 1.75

Materials ABS, ASA, PLA, HIPS, Nylon, PETx, Polycarbonate, ABS-PC,

Ultem, various Glass, Carbon Fibre, ESD, Wood, and Metal Composites.

Software & Connectivity

Slicer 1 Simplify3D License (up to 2 devices/license)

Control Interface Wi-fi Enabled – LAN or Remote Access


Build Plate Removable Borosilicate Glass on MIC6 Al Plate, PEI Surface



XY Resolution (mm) 0.025 (theoretical)

Z Resolution (mm) 0.001mm (theoretical)


Footprint (mm) 800 x 900 x 1250

Weight (kg) 150


Supply Voltage 110V (220V available on request)

Power Consumption 80W/1200W/2000W (Idle/Average/Peak Theoretical)

For more information and to view the AON-M brochure click here.