Add a whole new feel to your products with 3D printed Surface Skins

As 3D printed products become more commonplace and mainstream, consumers will inevitably expect more from their products. Unfortunately, too many 3D printed items made from plastic-based filaments still fall victim to that grainy texture that’s all too reminiscent of the layering process. Austin-based Lehrmitt Design Studios, however, is combating this aspect of the design process with their latest line of tactile, textured surfaces “that bring an artist’s finishing touch to 3D-printed prototypes and other 3D-printed objects.” Surface Skins are meant to give product designers, manufacturers and hobbyists an aesthetic edge over the usual mediocre surfaces we see.

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Over 100 designs in store

According to Lehrmitt Design Studios president and owner, Bob Lehrmitt, Surface Skins’ embossed surfaces are applicable by product developers and designers in a wide range of industries on wide range of products. Surface Skins add an unmatched touch to cell phone cases, design prototypes, sunglasses, light switch plates and much more. Lehrmitt goes on to explain:

“Our design team has been deploying leading technologies in product design, manufacturing and packaging for over twenty years. We have a deep experience in surface design. For the prototype or hobbyist who is looking to add artisan textures to their 3D-printed objects, we have over 100 artisan designs to choose from.”

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how Surface Skins will change your products for the better.

Make your products stand out

Surface Skins are available through the Lehrmitt Design Studios website in a variety of artistic textures to meet almost any aesthetic design you have in mind. After the texture is chosen, Lehrmitt Design Studios will create a CAD file of any product design and print out a prototype of the product in their studios. Once  customers approve the design, the new Surface Skins will begin production. The studio also offers options for users to design their own surface, or to work collaboratively to develop unique, customs surfaces.

Although they have not revealed exact pricing for their services, Lehrmitt Design Studios assures customers that they offer affordable products and services. To get started developing your own Surface Skins, you can contact the studio here.

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About Lehrmitt Design Studios

Since 1996, Lehrmitt Design Studios has been a leading creative design and manufacturing company in Austin, TX. We specialize in high-quality wallcoverings and new technologies for applying textured surfaces to consumer products. Our newest innovation, Surface Skins™, harnesses the power of 3D printing to create textured surfaces on prototypes, consumer products and artistic designs on chocolates. At Lehrmitt Design Studios, we use cutting-edge technology to inspire new ways to create design and develop unique products.