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Lumi Industries Goes Pro with New LumiForge DLP 3D Printer

Italian startup Lumi Industries has already seen first-hand the potential success of bringing resin-based, digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing to the consumer market. While this photopolymer-based process is similar to stereolithography, DLP generally uses a more conventional light source, like a standard projector. For Lumi Industries, it all started when they launched the $400 LumiFold, their portable DLP printer, which has since followed with the LumiPocket and the LumiPocket LT, equipped with laser engraving and PCB etching abilities. Now, thanks to demand from professionals, artists, and other enterprises, Lumi Industries is attempting to crack the professional-grade market with the LumiForge.

The LumiForge

Lumi Industries calls their new top-to-bottom DLP printer system “the perfect evolution of LumiPocket”. The LumiForge has a print resolution of up to 37 microns and a build size of 10 cm (D) x 10 cm (H), though an XL kit is available that extends the size capability to 15 x 10 cm. The LumiForge has a completely enclosed design engineered to keep disruptive external light out of the process and contain resin odors. It’s also equipped with a top-notch ventilation system to ensure the longevity of the projector. Mainly focused on the quality of the print, Lumi Industries was able to offer high resolution prints without having to sacrifice an acceptable print speed.

While speed is important, we think that quality is what really counts and we are nevertheless offering a good average speed, which varies according to chosen resolution and material, of approximately 18mm/hour at 75μm,” said Lumi Industries’ Manuela Pipino.


Unlike the LumiPocket, the LumiForge has upgraded their DLP system to be more automated. The movement of the projector and resin cartridge, the print area, and curing time setting are now automatically configured to make the printing process much easier. The LumiForge will be compatible with their proprietary Lumi Creator Software, which has been recently updated to make the user-experience with the LumiForge as simple as possible. There is currently a limited batch of LumiForge DLP printers available for pre-order at 2,000.00 € + VAT, scheduled to ship out to customers sometime in May 2016. This new DLP printer is ideal for both high-quality seeking artists and other fields such as jewelry, orthodontic, and miniatures.


Here are the available specs for the LumiForge:

3D Printing technology: TOP DLP
Building Volume
-Standard Kit: 10cm diameter MAX, height 10 cm
-kit XL: 15x10cm, height 10cm
Printing resolution
-Resolution: up to 37μm (X, Y, Z)
Average speed: 18mm/hr at 75μm (according to material and chosen resolution)
Automatic carriage and projector movement
Optimized ventilation for long projector life
Software LumiCreator
-Crossplatform, supports. STL files
Connectivity: VGA, USB
Power supply: 220V
Physical size: 320 x 320 x 600