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Scan on the Run: Fuel3D to Showcase New Portable 3D Scanning System

Whether you are the geologist excavating ancient ruins or the one just simply viewing these discovered artifacts at a museum exhibition, chances are you’ve come across a cultural object so compelling or of such sentimental value that you wish you could take it home with you. The 3D image capturing pioneers from Fuel3D have just announced a new addition to their SCANIFY system that will make it possible to take any object or physical memory home in 3D, no matter where that memory happens to take place.

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Their new SCANIFY Mobile Package, which the Fuel3D team will officially showcase to the public at CES 2016 in January, will make it possible to utilize Fuel3D’s image capturing technology without a direct power source, truly enabling users to take their SCANIFY technology anywhere they desire. In order to have their 3D scanner function without a tethered power supply, Fuel3D adapted their technology to run off of a standard tablet and a standard 4200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, both of which are mounted directly onto the scanner hardware. The SCANIFY Mobile Package development team was sure to include a 3D print file of the tablet and battery mount as well, ensuring proper fastening of the scanner onto it’s mobile power source.


“With this development, we have given SCANIFY users the freedom to take 3D scanning to places where it just wasn’t possible before,” said Stuart Mead, the CEO of Fuel3D. “Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, visiting a sculpture exhibition, or hosting an event where guests are being scanned, SCANIFY can help you preserve your experiences in 3D.”



In addition to the SCANIFY Mobile Package, Fuel3D will also be displaying the new SCANIFY Press-and-Scan compound at CES 2016. This compound will allow users to accurately capture objects that are shiny, sharp-edged, or translucent, all of which are tricky characteristics previously unable to be scanned properly by most other systems. The Press-and-Scan compound works by being shaped around the non-scannable object, creating a finely detailed reverse impression within the mold, which can then be easily captured. Each individual package of the compound will come with 0.5lbs material, and if the perfect solution for those working in reverse engineering, concept modeling, and other industrial-based industries that oftentimes utilize flat and shiny objects.

Press-and-Scan compound

“All 3D scanners face challenges when it comes to shiny, flat or reflective surfaces,” said Larkins. “With the SCANIFY Press-and-scan compound we are providing our users with an option to help them overcome some of these challenges.”


Imagine if Indiana Jones had the SCANIFY Mobile Package handy during Raiders of the Lost Ark, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble (and running-from-a-giant-boulder time) if he was just able to scan the precious Golden Idol statue instead of having to steal it. With Fuel3D’s newly announced additions to their SCANIFY system, you can safely capture ancient artifacts and artwork in 3D without getting yourself into any trouble with the local indigenous tribe.