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3YOURMIND challenges physical warehouses with introduction of Digital AM Inventory

German 3D printing software developer 3YOURMIND has launched its Digital AM Inventory module to centralize 3D files and production data. This extension of the 3YOURMIND workflow software aims to simplify production, and create a cost-efficient alternative to physical warehouse storage of parts.

The Digital AM Inventory

Since 2014, 3YOURMIND has been developing digitized additive manufacturing processes to optimize the use of industrial 3D printing. Earlier this year, the company introduced its Agile MES platform, a software tool enabling AM workflow management, process monitoring, and control. This is an expansion of 3YOURMIND’s existing end-to-end workflow management platforms.

The new Digital AM Inventory has been under development for the past year to address the increasing volume of orders from 3YOURMIND customers. Based on feedback from its product team, a digital inventory was established to centralize and automate 3D files and order data into a single, searchable database. This inventory is capable of storing part specifications and production requirements, visualizing 3D model versioning, and repeat ordering with saved material and technology selections. Thus far, 3YOURMIND has commenced an early access program with three customers to work on the next phase of development for the Digital AM Inventory.

The capabilities of the Digital AM Inventory. Image via 3YOURMIND
The capabilities of the Digital AM Inventory. Image via 3YOURMIND

A digital spare parts warehouse

Recently, 3YOURMIND extended its collaboration German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, to build a ‘digital spare parts warehouse’ using its digital workflow. Prior to this,  Deutsche Bahn helped to validate 3YOURMIND’s Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier software tool (AMPI).

Uwe Fresenborg, CEO of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (Vehicle Maintenance), previously stated, “For the maintenance of our vehicles we need immediately available spare parts. Our trains are expected to roll, 3D printing helps us in doing so. Printing is faster, more flexible and cheaper than conventional manufacturing processes.”

3YOURMIND prototype for Deutsche Bahn. Photo by Michael Petch
3YOURMIND prototype for Deutsche Bahn. Photo by Michael Petch.

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Featured image shows the Agile MES production dashboard. Image via 3YOURMIND.