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VoxelDance “bridges the gap” between CAD files and 3D printing

VoxelDance, a Shanghai-based software company, has developed an Import Module to support various file formats for 3D printing. Incorporated into the company’s VoxelDance Additive data preparation software, this module aims to “bridge the gap between CAD files and 3D printers.”

The file formats supported by the Import Module. Image via VoxelDance.
The file formats supported by the Import Module. Image via VoxelDance.

Bridging the CAD gap

The VoxelDance Additive data preparation software incorporates several modules for efficient 3D printing. This includes a Fix Module, an Orientation & packing Module, a Support Generation Module, and an Edit, and Analysis module. The Import Module expands the file formats for 3D printing to accommodate designers.

The following formats are covered by the module: CLI, SLC, STL, 3D Manufacturing Format, WaveFront OBJ Files), 3DExperience, Pro/E/Cro Files, Rhino Files, SolidWorks Files, and STEP Files.

Furthermore, the platform enables the ability to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit, analyze, and generate reports on existing designing. According to VoxelDance, “The integrated platform and user-friendly interface will reduce your time and make your printing workflow more efficiently.”

A 3D model within the VoxelDance platform. Image via VoxelDance.
A 3D model within the VoxelDance platform. Image via VoxelDance.

Expanding 3D file formats

Finding the appropriate file format to enable additive manufacturing has proven to be a challenge due to many interoperability issues. Consortiums including, the 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF), a Joint Development Foundation project, was established to develop an advanced 3D printing file format, to accommodate designers for varying backgrounds in the adoption of additive manufacturing.

Moreover, product lifecycle management (PLM) software, such as SAP Distributed ManufacturingSiemens NX, and 3DEXPERIENCE, have adapted to include more intuitive features for remote collaboration, and the clear, effective communication of ideas. CADEX, a Russian software start-up, is also developing a CAD Exchanger product suite to seamlessly process data for additive manufacturing.

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Featured image shows a 3D model nested in VoxelDance software. Image via VoxelDance.

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