3Doodler PRO is not a toy anymore

Good news for creative professionals! A new 3Doodler PRO pen went on sale on September, 1 both on the company website and in the Design Store of New York MoMA.  Unlike its previous versions  – 3Doodler 2.0 and Create – that were mostly used for fun, a new 3D printing pen presents an enhanced level of “3D printing in the air”.

From now on, designers, architects, engineers, and artists can easily adjust multiple pen functionalities and use a wide range of materials.

With a new version, you’re getting more freedom in the customisation of the printing process. Now, by twisting a ring and lining up the numbers with the arrows, you can switch between 8 speed modes and change the extrusion temperature from 100°C to 250°C.  in accordance with the physical properties of the used materials.

For those who care a lot about figures and accuracy there is also an important product functionality. So, with 3Doodler PRO, it is possible to check the temperature and the speed of the extruded materials by looking at the in-built LCD display that shows the changes in the pen settings in real time.

LCD display 3Doodler

One more prominent feature of 3Doodler PRO that significantly expands its design potential is its capability to use a range of innovative materials including bronze, copper, wood, nylon, and polycarbonate. Albeit, it doesn’t mean that you can print household products right from wood or copper – instead, the filaments are based on the plastic mixed with the particles of new materials. Still, if you use wood filament, the final product will feel and smell like wood.

3Doodler PRO prints wood

Furthermore, these new materials add new properties to the models created with 3Doodler such as high temperature tolerance if you use Polycarbonate or shining finished survey as with metal filament.

What concerns the cooling options, you can select between 3 modes: Off, Low and High. Your choice will depend on the type of piece of art you’re creating.

Apart from all the useful features that make 3Doodler being a high quality tool for professionals, the pen has a refreshed professionally looking design with a strong carbon fibre shell.

So many benefits in one product! Let’s see if 3Doodler will help us eliminate a barrier between the design idea and its solid implementation.