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Your Scanned Head + Candle = Scandle, a 3D Printed Wax Mini You

3D printing superstore iMakr is teaming up with French retailer Le Bon Marché to sell 3D printed candle selfies called Scandles. Starting November 1st customers can book a 3D scanning session in a special booth and be turned into a real wax candle.

The Parisian luxury department store will feature a custom designed and highly specialized 3D scanning booth where visitors can have their likeness digitally captured. The 3D scan will then be sent over to the iMakr Store in London, England where a 3D printer will create a plastic model that will be used to create a silicone mold.

3d printed scandles mini you  candles

Once iMakr has a silicon mold of the 3D printed selfie, a premium wax candle will be created using an all-natural wax. Customers can pre-select from five colour and five scent options when their scan is taken. Once iMakr has created the candle selfie it can be shipped directly to the customer, or it can be picked up at the Le Bon Marché store in Paris. Currently the Scandle is only being launched in Paris, however it is expected to expand to stores in the UK.

Here is a brief promotional video for the Scandle:

This isn’t the first time that the chain of 3D printing stores has brought 3D scanning and 3D printing to department store customers. Last holiday season they teamed up with UK store Selfridges to run a 3D photobooth in a 3D printing pop up store, and earlier this year they offered 3D printed chocolate selfies with chocolatier Rococo. However this is this their first creation with wax.